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But do you know what? Hey, another important thing is 9 days from now. It's going to air the number one theme in the country. Alabama crimson time. And by golly, Paul, I can't wait to get, I can't wait to get rocking and rolling with this thing. Paul because, you know, that game's not even going to be close. But I am pervading this Saturday night. I heard you say good luck to him and I'm all for vanity getting off his truck. I came away very encouraged by the interview with Clark Lee. Will you be well, handsome Joe? Take care of yourself. Squirrel is up next in Mississippi. What an honor to follow him, Joe. And he tested on a few things about today's show, you know, the Savannah amongst the callers. You remember years back when we had a talk and you said all you consider all the callers, your children? Yes, I do remember saying that. Do you remember who you said your favorite child was? Is he still your favorite child? That's my only question. Listen, you understand being a father and you never want to pick one over the other. It's hard to. But you know, your number one leg humper legend has been real amusement past couple of days about show 20 city. The event killed somebody. He'd be the coach of Alabama. But he called me something I've never been called today. He told me a scholar. That really puzzled me. But when you look back on it, if you all you're dealing with, GED, then I guess everybody's a scholar. You know, so maybe he was from that perspective. I don't know, but do you come on like a scholar room here, Paul? I don't think you do, to me, you come on like a wise man. I'll take that. I'll say, where would age comes wisdom with age company? Scholar often, when I think of scholars, I think of guys with liberals, well, I think our guys with bad tweed coach with dandruff on the lapel, wearing a boat and then they wrote democratic circular glasses just like mine. And using a bunch of big words that nobody cares about. Yeah, I like that. I like that wise man. I'll take that any day. Hey, thanks for taking my call. Thank you. Wise man, the wise men and history did pretty well. Okay. Let's go to Hastings next. Good afternoon. St. Paul. Hey, appreciate you taking my call, great show as always. Yeah, hey, so I think I've cracked the code and Nick Saban is living in the year 30 20. Everything he does is calculated and even from the NIL comments with Jackson saying everything. He got more boosters. With this one, he made the comment about the rebuilding year because he knew the media would blow it up and get Alabama fan dried up and that they would know that, hey, if this is a rebuilding year and we go to the championship, imagine what he can do in the year 2030 after a couple more rebuilding years. And I think he got that contract extension based on those remarks. It's calculated, Paul. It was brilliant. It was genius. I think, and I'm sure this will sound harsh, but Nick Saban is one of the most calculating people I've ever met. Yeah, and I just thought. Whether it's good or bad, well, I'm trying to think of a nice way to say this. But that's why he's so successful. He doesn't waste words when he speaks. He's speaking to a specific group. He's not speaking to us. He's speaking to his team. He's speaking to parents. He's speaking to future recruits. He doesn't waste time with average folks like us. He's got a targeted audience at all times. Exactly, Paul. And hey, I appreciate you taking my call, but it was calculated and worked out in his favor. Hey, thank you, Paul. Thank you very much. We're out of time. We thank all of you for being a part of this. And guess what? We get to do this one more time this week. Have a good night.

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