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They're shooting at the US troops. That was an amazing. That's great movie right meaning victory, but anyway, full metal jacket Apocalypse Now. He should have gotten a nod in memoriam. Well. Channing also got screwed. Right. So did Jerry Van Dyke. Wow. Aretha Franklin what Charlotte Rae. Well, did read the Franklin. She did movies, right? Yash blues brother's. Oh, yeah. You're right. Sondra locke. Bernardo Bertolucci, but they can't include everybody. But I understand. But these guys these they died a while back. So they had time. Yeah. They I think they just sorta half Verne Troyer over in Troyer. Yeah. He committed suicide, right? David Ogden stiers. Why did they why do they keep doing this? If they know they're going to disrespect the people. They forget, I don't know why they do. Why can't they take another minute? And just add those names. Well, by me, look, there's no reason why Vern schreier ship been overlooked. Verne Troyer, right Virginia. Overlooking. Well, and then. So let's let's now you were there last night. And you're there with the guy who's the guy that fell off the stage. Oh you talking about Romney Malik. Yeah. Rami model? He won for best. He won best actor for bohemian rhapsody. That was a long shot. Right. That dude. Yeah. You know, either when he fell off stage. Well, I saw the monitor I saw where he kind of slipped. He's slipping in he lost his footing. Does he talk about it with you here? Now. Seventeen. Leave your number's up until you have a Mike in your hand. Romney's? Wait a second. Oh, let's hold on. Have we done? Am. I one of the last ones here. Well, I just wanna to say thank you guys for being.

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