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This is the news. In brief from the united nations has the global aid community marked world humanitarian day on thursday. Un chief antonio guitarist paid tribute to all those who helped people in need before urging support for the days hashtag the human race campaign and it's focused on protecting the world's most vulnerable from the climate emergency. Humanitarian workers are here to help the world's most vulnerable people when disaster strikes. The secretary general said adding that in the past twenty years shootings kidnappings and other attacks on humanitarian organizations have increased tenfold. This year alone at least seventy two humanitarian workers have been killed in conflict zones turning to this year's campaign for world humanitarian day. Hashtag at the human race which highlights how climate extremes are causing misery across the world an overwhelming frontline responders. Mr guitarfish warned that the climate emergency is a race. We are losing but it's a race we can and must win hosting on exercise platforms stroller. Participants asked to call one hundred minutes of exercise for the world humanitarian day campaign. They can run roll. Ride walk swim kick or hit -able each actual counts towards helping us carry our message to world leaders when they meet the un climate change conference in november said un humanitarian coordinating office archer which is behind the campaign the global initiative to say the planet's biodiversity on land and water must not be allowed to threaten the world's most vulnerable people atop human rights expert said on thursday under a u n backed a global biodiversity framework draft agreement countries have agreed to protect thirty percent of the planet and restored lease twenty percent by twenty thirty. Un special reporter. David boyd said that although the plan was essential to conservation efforts it must not be achieved at the expense of further human rights violations against indigenous and other rural people minorities including people of african descent. Rural women in rural youth were not adequately prioritized in the current draft plan. Mr boyd insisted. Despite the fact that their knowledge and conservation contributions must be recognized respected and supported the independent rights expert reports to the human rights council cautioned against what he called fortress conservation approaches that aim to restore pristine wilderness. When no humans live. The call comes ahead of an october conference. Inconven- china where representatives of one hundred ninety countries will seek to finalize the un post twenty twenty global biodiversity framework u. n. Secretary general antonio guitarfish has led a coup for u n peacekeepers to fully embrace new technology to response to ever challenges outlining his strategy for the digital transformation of un peacekeeping. Mister gutierrez told the security council that twenty-first-century innovations were changing the nature of conflict and having an indelible impact on civilians the organizations twelve peacekeeping operations already use many digital tools in their daily work such as unmanned aerial vehicles and online platforms. That provide information about the kind of terrain that blue helmets should expect to encounter. but it's essential that this process is picks up speed to improve the un's agility anticipation and responsiveness to conflicts. Mr qatari Insisted before adding the peace operations should develop clear principles on the use of digital tools and undertake human rights.

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