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Fifty four degrees on Peachtree street at six zero one triple team traffic starts with Doug Turnbull. Tonight. It's going to be a lot worse. Tomorrow to stay with us. Of course note about the express lanes. Those. Southside, south metro express lanes shut down at eleven thirty per day. Express bus service just gave the Soviet. Sure. Seventy five south is still about a half hour die twenty northbound's about twenty minutes or. Up to the catheter eighty five four hundred travel, advisory or the school rake every traffic center, two left lanes taken out to eighty five. Southbound the outer loop in Atlanta road with an injury crash air that jams the ride back toward Georgia four hundred once pass that you'll slow again from south Cobb drive down to the west freeway interloop. Joel Nelson eastbound still slowing go from four hundred overpass Memorial Drive that right taken you thirty six minutes. Delays on the south side Judy five westbound from Riverdale road over to eighty five on the west side interloop twenty five northbound from exit seven cascade road up to I twenty triple team traffic WSB and a new add to our list of school closings hall county. Schools will be closed on Tuesday. Many perhaps most metro school districts have canceled for tomorrow government offices closed colleges and universities close. We've got the complete list continuously updated through the evening at wsbradiOcom governor camp as you heard live on WSB early worker repaired. We're working already has put out a hundred thirty nine thousand gallons of Brian up in the north part of the state. Nobody be moving..

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