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I didn't his family was very against anybody doing that. And then after it came out, the daughters ended up visiting me, and it was really really kinda cool with gigli. It wasn't a jacuzzi. I did have Jili give me a sit down one. Oh, yeah. You know? It was it's a story told the lot, but you know, Healy Jili Sinatra's guy, and it's a story told a lot. I probably shouldn't not what do you mean? I, but I was I was having a very rough night. Opening for rank for old was he at the time you were opening for a hundred. Yeah. No, he was he was up there. He he was up there. He was, you know, seventy eight seventy seven seventy eight seventy nine and it was a rough. And then there were some nights. He was in the pocket, and I love that music and with with thirty four piece orchestra sit in the wings. Yeah. Like an old Jew fell. Just go. I can't loved it. But there was one that I was just dying miserably were you in front of your friends? Did you have a relationship? We would go to dinner. Here's the thing. You know, he he called me, Greg. Okay. And he and when he would introduce me for. How he would say Greg Barrett everybody Greg Barrett, and I would take a bow to someone else's name. Yeah. And I went to Jillian day, and I went. As after year being on the road that might go. You know, I can't I just can't tell you. I really haven't a great time. But is there any way you can tell Frank? Yeah. That my name is Brad. Hey, just looked at me with that one wonky. I and it was like, why don't you tell them, and I went, well, I don't feel it to my place. Are you enjoying yourself? And I said, I'm a great time. Gotta worry about so one guy miserably, and when Frank would wanna come into still court co-ord-, Mike, I s record might there's nothing like it. Hey, hold on just, you know, just like straight stand. Yeah. You want to court because I know I need to know. The wire was too big. And they don't fit in the thing. Right. Right. So you can't capsule. Exactly. So so what I started, you know, how long do I do and they'll go you'll do fifteen you'll do thirty. And we'll decide and I said, okay. When you think I'll know they'll go. It don't get page when he went to go on and you'll feel a little tug on my and you just wrap. Okay. So some nights, it was any would you and you'd see in the wings he'd go, and he would talk some. So you don't know, you know, some nights you doing. Yeah. So one night. I'm just I mean, I'm just it was I where was it was it was the sands in city, and it wasn't crickets. It was crickets fought s-. I would say was. So the science had will back suction to there was a section to this at the time. So I'm in about ten, and I get a tug, and I go. All right, terrific. Stick around for Frank. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Not a huge joke. Just you know, a little Zet. Walk off and Jili would stand with Franken as walking by them. And it's not like great job, Greg. It's quiet. Yeah. I said cigarette for Frank and I hear Frank tell Chile find out what that means. Okay. It means. Okay. Knock on the door. It's Jili and Hank and Hank was a guy that would he'd fill the room. I looked like his x Ray his fucker would walk in and. A rough night out there. I said, well, you know, it's it's you know, it's winter. Winter. What did you mean? Stick around for Frank. And I went to what was just it was just a joke. They didn't get it. And they went, but they hit a sheaf rank. And I would say head still of course, cigarette. I was just doing poorly. Yeah. You know? And Hank is trying to figure it all out. He's he says while we kind of feel that you make Mr..

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