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Biggest head for the almond Rose. New Jersey chime time is 8 30 for I am Bob O'Brien, 1 800 to a 3101.5. Thank you for calling the flatter phone. Hey, Troy from Pennsylvania. You guys do a great job. Thank you, buddy. Thanks for listening you got about we appreciate the nice words. And now some words about trapping. Here's Jeff Rob. It looks like they are, in fact, setting up construction on the turnpike this evening. If you're heading south And they're going to have a closure in the car lanes. That's the inner roadway. It'll be blocked from interchange 14 down to about exit 10 So self battles on the Eastern Western spur coming back down into the southern mixing bowl a little bit slow south to 80. And then it does improve by the time you get down to interchange 14 Parkway moving along fairly well, for the most part, just a little bit Slow South bound. You've got weekend construction coming out of Bloomfield. Too, right lines or shut down between the Essex tolls and exit 1 49 and traffic bunching up here in Edison. It looks like a crash on Route one North bound right around the Menlo Park mall. I see a lot of stop and go starting just north of Grandview have crossings all getting a whole lot better quickly. The Holland Tunnel down to about 5 10 minutes from 19. No waiting off the turnpike. Lincoln Tunnel Smooth sailing around the helix into the tolls in the George Washington Bridge, just about a five minute delay on both decks. This report sponsored by unbound dot org's A girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor on elder and Guatemala dreams of being part of a community you can reach out and change their world and they will change your own visit unbound dot or traffic every 15 minutes. Your next report 8 48. I'm Jeff from New Jersey One a 1.5 bills, stadia. So here you've got all this happening. Meanwhile, your taxes are going up one of the leaders doing to make New Jersey better. For you for me for all of us. We day mornings on.

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