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A Motte considerate. As you'd like, could now bypass it that you've got him. I think he's really hot because everyone he saw more expensive these days not all the midfield is so much money everybody so much money and a Mike Oh, my God you can't get all these payers is really ease at O. Folder of I'm going to struggle say in. Filton. Well, up all my money into midfield and of saying aside because you've got no money upfront. I'm. Well I've got full pay for blanking company got Mari Sterling Greenwood and Fernandez, and then then Don Charisma. Cheap fun. I'm? A. So hang on. Let me just. Say. Oh my God I may so you can go. fucking. Oh I well hopefully this is amy listening to this episode Yakkers we're GONNA to. Give you some help us. You. Need to get rid of long. But in this episode, I need a lot of help. So I'm willing to listen to all your good points and high to smash. If Peo- next season. Well wrought. Let's jump into some of the plunk him. A few questions we thought into the meat potatoes where everyone's thinking anyway. I'll just I'm just going to slow free rhythm out golf. Let you answer first and then. We will answer after. FBI Lucky fucker. Daloa of A. So you think corona virus will affect F pl I think because of a lack of office work environments, we will have fallen plaza season as casualties one convince yourself but same and joined the work league only one point four, million players so far. Maybe. La. Probably, worry won't be there probably won't be. We'll probably get maybe five million maybe then this year based on not less less effect. Not Saying are really thought about Should make it a little bit tougher to be if that's the case. Yeah. Lots beef album four but I. Could we'll be right could well. That'd be interesting if originalist paypal. We interested in. At Clara F. Peo- how much do you factor in marina is placed? Are when considering kind? Yet. Kind kinds and ordered one because Anatomy hates him with a passion. gimmes to be fair to him. He's got a busy schedule ahead. Of Him I think not so much. The plain style more. His schedule this season is going to be a lot heavier than last I think we might see the first glimpse of some rotation from Marino with regards to him. I'm not Tottenham expert but. He's our only strike. Really you know you Lucas Moore I appreciate and son doing a job in behind him but. you know when people say, oh he. Back and plays next. Sentiment filters, but they whole bug in there now from. Them? So. I think. That will give hurricane mills more confidence not to drift backwards and and play mole a central striker I think you just go watch out for his his rotation and his and his games because he's play. ECON, play all of them again. And and the problem is as well. Not only is your this season. Next. Summer is the European Championships and then you've got another B. season after an new strains that are woke up I mean you two and a half years of soccer and No. One's going to be out of breath. So e can't do all. I'll be surprised if they don't dip into the transfer market again and pick up A. Batch. All Another strike just. To spread the load a bit but we'll see Would you can. Interest to be filed and it really considered out and he's going GonNa. Be. The rotation will crepe him interested if it does. Other big factor in marinas placed are kind because I think it's just like the dropping back in just been kinda thing. It's not Marini thing. And learn. But. Yeah kind. We we know exactly what kind does now. He hasn't been put in explosive performances. He still does get goals. We know exactly what is about ten point five mill fairly reasonable price but for me. Of Command. Of had anything myself. I know how to mean anything up three priests. A blanket in La. Guerra I was be consideration law. If a Queiroz implying for the same money I'll take a quarrel day. What's your? What's your opinions? I May. Not like Cain and I never will. Pretty much. If. He's if you schools a winning penalty in the woke up final, you'll celebrate right. Yeah, it's been England okay. Good. At Jason Conway We've Fenton having favorable fixture to star is it to you Paul to go for free mccaw fake K. W. Pay Armstrong Richmond and Adams Mariah not long though interestingly didn't mention long there. Well Hazo seen it yet because long should be in that seven people. Well. We've mentioned England Adams Schwab. is in front of him. Well I I don't know who's who, but he's just too expensive whereas long was a foldable. Eight point, five. For the rest of my team. Golf. Would you recommend? Yeah, I'm looking at pictures now and I mean barring Tottenham Chelsea. That takes you up to gain week ten I really you know Crystal Palace Burnley not be a tough game will be a draw for sure But I got West Brom Evan Home Villa Newcastle will rampton be a draw So definitely, some potential there and I have in my drafts ended up with three Southampton Implies Myself which is still a little bit Warren Easily done. You know like you said, once she got McCarthy and things you could legitimately have. Woke up he is in there and I'm be quite happy but A. With gossip fordline I think things you pick It could be worse I mean you could have picked a femi- which. is now vital of food. I don't even know. Why? I think though that Reitman could be a good shout..

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