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A big part of disclosure and as we move forward here emory smith will probably a play a big part of it yeah well one other thing i've been with james gill i was at the ufo's thing and something showed up there a couple of things showed up there plus i've got tons of video my own self it's been happening me for a long time and so i'm getting ready to put out my video so i'll be sending you some stuff because it's very i mean it's just that they follow me wherever i move wherever i goes and it's it's no bs because i have to it's on video so and so anyway i don't understand david gillam it's just him and and and myself and there's i know there's a lot of people that are able to video but they gotta get it out there so yeah you're right walter and james killer thank you for that you go up the east eddie ranch you're gonna bet that's the disneyland of your afo sidings right there sculpted say go to disney one go up to the city and check it out because it's incredible we'll be up there in in august and i i just can't wait for that to shirley and carbondale illinois shirley you're up next on coast jimmy got to talk to you tonight i'm glad i got to talk to you shirley thank you i have an eyewitness account ufo encounter and i published a book about it last year you did yes name is a name i tell you what send into me yeah okay senate to me but yeah what's the name of the book go ahead okay it's called summertime cosmic love story summertime cosmic love story this doesn't evolve this doesn't involve lsd in the sixties in nineteen sixty nine lsd in nineteen sixty two cia just messing with you i've just messing with your shirley so always question yeah and and so i've only got about a minute here before i have to head towards a break so tell me how did the contact happen well i was picked up on the streets they showed up.

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