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You. Gotta do what you gotta do absolutely couldn't agree more. You know what it's going to be also a great weekend in the n._f._l. First weekend everybody's so pumped all the fantasy football owners out there just so psyched. I'm going to win the championship after week one. If you start to see a little bit of cracks near but before everybody goes ahead panics before it goes in and just this gives themselves a pat on the back. We've got week one to worry about and from fantasy football standpoint. Are there any match ups right off the ginkgo that stick out brought to you that says for a fantasy football team owner out there they have to go ahead and they have to make a play absolutely and i think this is going to be a recurring theme throughout the year. Start anyone you have on the baltimore ravens offense. I say that because the miami dolphins a two thousand nine hundred miami dolphins may be the first n._b._a. Team to enter the n._f._l. N._f._l. I say that because they've outright admitted that there tanking this year they traded tunsil instills. They've got ryan fitzpatrick starting quarterback. They don't have a heck a lot of depth on matt team. They know there are two top college quarterbacks potentially to be had in the draft next spring so be frank with you. Someone like lamar jackson. Even is a good start. I know there are some questions sion's given his playoff game last year against the chargers not this week play him. I think even someone to get a little deeper into the weeds like justin tucker. <hes> the raven should be able to put put up some points if not he's going to be within field goal range because i think that ball control offense will run the dolphins all over the field so right there. I know that seems like a no brainer but so you really can't go wrong with any ravens against the dolphins and secondarily one other a big trend. I'd like to think here. I'd like to pass along a week. One don't don't kind of overanalyze things. I mean for instance. I've got cam newton on a team and i know he's going up against the top ramps defense but he's better than my alternative play him. You don't know what's going to happen. Can you last night the bears. The packers look sluggish who knows they may even get into a shootout wpro or maybe cam will get you a rushing touchdown or throw a couple t._d.'s as late or something along those lines don't over think it yet. I do think matchups are important but i mean patrick. Mahomes is going up against a tub jags. The are you gonna sit him or are you gonna sit tyreek hill. I think not they may not have an explosive gain but play them because it's week one we all know the defenses are just as out of shape as the offense is in getting that rust off so that's my advice matchup wise this week i've got to that. I want to go ahead and point out. One of them is cincinnati at seattle and if you got anybody on the seattle title offense. I think that's something that should be a definite play for you especially if you have chris carson or russell wilson. I think that both of them are going to be big time contributors to you a very very good win. I know vegas has seattle as a heavy favourite going into the weekend. Another game that you want to look at is houston at new orleans on monday night with new orleans at home. Drew brees go crazy annette game especially being an early game so it's not too late for the national t._v. The audience the houston at new orleans could be something that really could be very exciting especially for owners that have new owns players on the roster. Kamara breeze the wide receiver said michael thomas. If you have them on your team i would definitely say that there are a must start because houston after all the funky traits that they did some some of them. Which were i don't. I don't think that they got the best of especially when you concerning the the judean clowney trade and all that but there's there's a couple of other trades as well all that that i don't really have everything going right in houston. They're they're doing some very curious things almost as curious what's going on in miami handy but let's not even go there and i think that's that's really a situation..

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