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Like a guinea that hasn't spent five years rowing buck you that's fair jamie lancaster compliment actually he's very pretty man just just row for five years come on you can do it i believe you believe in you i am jamie of house lancaster and i come to ask where do you think i played in all of this where do i end up probably dead bro my heart breaking my heart my heart says you marry brienne mm of it but you're gonna have to kill torment i that's true that's true you'll break torments heart and he's he's got a he's got a big heart and even bigger beard no i mean like you're you know you got a rough rough shake like everyone says your villain and you did do some bad things but you seem like a pretty good kid until you had to kill the bad king and honestly that was luke skywalker blow the death star and what of luke skywalker got mocked in pilloried and disrespected for that horrific instead of getting the medal ceremony maybe what if he was chewy yeah and you know does he is able to maintain the jet ideals under those circumstances so i feel like you're you're right for a comeback did some some child attempt to child killing you've you choked you you you you strangle your cousin to death but you know that's a grading on a west rose curve it's bad seem badly met ramsay bolton that seem bad until he met year on great joy so i feel like yeah you got you got a bright bright season eight future unless you unless he died the things i do for love i want to do some thought experiment like shorting cat right here okay so at some point say nineteen ninetytwo georgia george martin search writing these books okay and in his mind he's got an ending and let's just say the ending that we're going to see is the ending he came up with some time between ninety two and let's say two thousand okay and then the double ds come to him and they ask them these questions and that's when he tells them about hauteur and all these different things so there isn't ending but it's like shorting because we don't know what the ending is going to be but they both know what it's eventually it's going to materialize into one ending in let's say jim you said you think canaries is gonna live john's going to die let's say dinares end up on the throne super vanilla ending just like that okay do you think george in his mind there was an image that was jon snow there was an image that was ned start there was an image that was jamie lancaster and then kit harrington showed up and then sean bean showed up and then now these images are now before they were pure now they're sort of i don't wanna say polluted but in his mind they're not your anymore now he cannot right john snow without thinking of get airing it and do you think that that's part of what's causing this delay because i have a feeling that if the show never came out we'd already have winds of winter we'd already have a dream of spring because i think what's happened is that creative juicy had that ending that he already because we come up with these really complex ending we're like braun ends up on iron thrown right but i don't think i don't think in ninety two when he first came up with this bron was going to sit on the iron throne i think it was a pretty basic generic ending where everybody was kind of happy with what happened and we've just the internet twitted exist youtube didn't exist and we have just over thought this to a massive extent but you've got member there's this dude and santa fe or he's doing new mexico and he's just sitting there and he came up with an ending and it's been there this whole time.

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