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Dot com here is bred in Hazleton and a good Friday morning make that afternoon to you Maryland and Virginia are hoping this weekend will provide an economic boost as the state's reopen and DC gets ready to but there are major challenges ahead for that part of our continuing pandemic coverage we take you to Capitol Hill and WTOP's Mitchell Miller Maryland senator Ben Cardin says as his state and others open up for business over the Memorial Day weekend and beyond we need to make sure our state and local governments have the resources to respond to the challenges when more people are getting together curtain notes counties across Maryland are facing budget shortfalls including Montgomery County a two hundred and fifty million dollar projected revenue loss for this year the democratic lawmaker hopes the Senate will take up state and local government funding soon and some Republicans have indicated they're willing to revisit the issue though not on the scale that Democrats have proposed on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTOP news well most years today is the unofficial start to summer and by lunch time many cars heading east on route fifty would be packed with beach equipment for the long holiday weekend but this year well Ocean City might be open again beaches in Delaware are not normally tonight the pond in Rehoboth beach would be crazy a line down the block from his Rancho a bartender there this weekend might be worth close to two grand in cash we bust our **** all weekends as a resort town and the fact that we're gonna have this impeding like everybody's summer it weighs hard on everyone for the same reason lose won't be working tonight we've been to the beach band love seed mama jump will be performing I just hope that everyone thinks about other people's safety not being reckless with their behavior I mean if you do go to the beach respectful of the people in restaurants you know you are doing their best I don't want to go backwards I want to be able to hit phase two and phase three John Romans WTOP news meantime ocean city lifeguards will be back on duty starting this weekend and they've got some new rules to mark a to follow rather due to the pandemic this year we are not doing now to Malcolm Butch Arbin captain of the Ocean City beach patrol says during a normal year if someone needed to be resuscitated guards with put on a protective mask and perform mouth to mouth but that's not happening this time they'll instead be using a bag valve mask a handheld device that can help someone brief in the case of an emergency or not putting that individual guard in a compromising position he says every lifeguard now as a facemask they won't have to wear it if they're sitting up in their stand but if they interact with the public they will need to put it on Nick Connolly WTOP news it's twelve oh six with public pools closed across the region many of us may be looking to take a dip at a friend's pool just keep some things in mind to make sure it's a safe get together when it comes to polls a child can drown in less than a minute so pediatrician Ben Hoffman with the American academy of pediatrics says plan to have multiple safety measures in place we think about drowning prevention there's never one thing that's going to be enough so it has to be layers of protection he said have someone constantly monitoring swimmers take advantage of life jackets and watch that fences and barriers around water are secured the CDC has not found any evidence that the corona virus spreads in pools but with group limitations still in place in most areas keeping frequently touched and shared items disinfected like chair arm rests and even the ketchup bottle will ensure a safe weekend Meghan clarity WTOP news now the latest numbers on the corona virus in.

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