Jim Rawson, Manon Kevin Dunne, Vince Mcmahon discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard


With a jim rawson envinced with manon kevin dunne and they eventually agreed to bring him back but i think vince mcmahon was more not wanting to bring him back right away because of how he left having nothing to do with what he said on the radio having nothing to do with any of that that's all part of the business but how he left vince wasn't happy about so it's part of the business to go on a radio national radio show and slander your coworkers and the bosses daughter this is part of the business no what i'm saying is is when you're public figure you unfortunately leave yourself open to that kind of crap sure well i'm in your gimmick was brotherly love right you know you know uh lawler said that uh a lot of this started to come into motion for him when he went to visit the wwf when they were in memphis for smack down he says finally i went and events is office and i was basically made to feel really welcome gave me a big hug and said king this is your home when you get your personal problem straightened out what would love to have you back defense always make it that easy after guys when i hear and made some crazy statements he always that sorta led by gowns be bygones here's a big hug it must think about the good times and get the ban back together for the most part yes unless it's something really bad at it did you have a conversation with stephanie about that comment not your stephanie but uh the stephanie yet we had a good laugh about it so is there does he have to sort of go kiss the ring with her in order to come back beef anc no and like i said you know stephanie mcmahon and i we laughed about it who thought it was funny and nothing more was brought up about it on our in which is why it was always peculiar to me that other people whether it be john lauren ida's for j r whoever else was dealing with jerry per jerry would say well they said you know because which said about bruce so.

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