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Deputy John Mary was serving a court summons a couple miles away. When the call came through about large endangers animals in the area of the Thomson and cope, check properties. He responded. Immediately arriving short time later there. He could see just inside Thompsons fence a tiger a black bear and two lions while he was waiting for MRs cope check to answer the door. He saw a large gray wolf running southward along the road. He ran his patrol car and followed the wolf after falling the animal for a while the wolf veered from the road and started running toward a house the officer pulled over abruptly parked the cruiser and pop the trunk keeping his eyes on the wolf offers. Mary retrieved a rifle from the trunk and set out on foot following the animal along the way he called in each observation in action to police dispatch gender stand. How big a wolf is. Right. Well, yeah. I mean there it's not like he's tracking a big dog. This is like a dog times a hundred. Yeah, it's not not like a Coyote like picturing in your mind right now picture that but times it by about three because they're giant. So he's keeping his eye on this animal. He's got the rifle now that he got from the trunk of his car, and he's following this wolf on foot. And he said he was about eighty yards away. When an order came over the radio to put the animal down officer, Mary fired a single shot and dropped his target. After the wolf went down. Mary fired. A few more times to make sure the animal was dead. He was inspecting the body when a call came over the radio some officers cornered a lion near Thompsons residents. So he hurried back Mary drove up the hill and stop near the Thompsons driveway. There. He saw a black bear officer Mary got out of his cruiser and facing him in running straight toward him was the bear. Armed with only his standard issue weapon. The officer fired a single shot before the charging bear could reach him. Just in a short time officers, Saul several lions at least one tiger a cougar a black bear and grizzly officers were ordered to patrol the borders of the Thompsons property. So he's ordered to take down the wolf, but as far as patrolling the property where they told to also take down anything that they saw at the time. Yeah, I believe that anything that they spotted you know, they wanted to basically form a perimeter around this property, and if any of these animals are trying to leave the property their orders were to shoot to kill. So here's the situation. Captain, we have the Thompsons property. He was known Terry. Thompson was known to have exotic animals, and so this wasn't like something that was unknown to the sheriff's department or to the local police. They knew about this. The problem here is these animals are loose. They believe they're coming from Thompson's property, and when they get to the property they can see lions Cougars multiple bears for my and the question here is how many of these animals does he have. And how many of them are loose? And why are they loose right? Because this is this is a private property. This isn't like a zoo. Right. Where a bunch of locals have gone through and said, hey, I've been there before we know that there's forty animals are hundred animals. Nobody knows how many animals there at five thirty five pm the man in charge sheriff Matt lutz arrived on the scene in the fifteen minutes that it took them to get there. The reports over the radio escalated, the seriousness became very clear there were several large dangerous animals on the loose now in the immediate area surrounding the Thomson property, there's an apartment building soccer fields and interstate. Seventy no one seemed to know where property owner, Terry. Thompson was or what was really going on sergeant Steve Blake decided he should drive up to Thompson's house. So we know that there's animals all over this property in this guy decides, hey, I'm wearing drive up to the house. And who cares if there's lines there Tigers? They're yeah. They need to locate Terry Thompson, and they need to speak with him to figure out what's going on. I mean, it takes somebody with some big Honus. Yeah. To do that or or a lot of he trusts his vehicle. You know, what I mean like he's like who cares about the vehicle you have to.

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