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Don't think it was a seat. I think it was a mother. I got a thyroid diesel plant from somebody else. Super excited about and I was shocked at the progeny. The mother was okay. I wasn't expecting what I got out of the progeny. And I was just, I was shocked and dumbfounded and heartbroken that the progeny with hemp, and it is well put out a bunch of, I mean, it was a pretty hermaphroditic. Or something. What do you think the THC was about 13? Maybe lower than that. I didn't smoke it, man. Like I said, I was testing out the prodigy. I got to like 5 or 6 weeks, and I was like, oh, fuck you, get the fuck out of my room. I don't even want to smoke you. Evicted. Evicted. Of all things, too. Well, to be honest, out of all the plants I've ever tried, sour D has been the worst failure of my time too. I failed hard on sourdough and I don't know if I just got the wrong cut. Talk to the wrong people, grew at the wrong way. I don't know, but damn. Okay, so moving on again, mister call me the wizard. Most surprising result of a cross. Most surprising that the Oregon cutthroat stands out for sure. I think it was frosty, man. It was frosty. I think that was the straw on the camel's back for me that was just like holy shit. And I was expecting the red. I think what was surprising of that was I wasn't expecting it, you know, the reaction that I had to watching that develop, how much fun that plant was to grow. It's gorgeous. And then, and then at the finish with all the residents and some of the terpenes too are just off the chart. So I think I would pick the Oregon cutthroat. And you had mentioned to me you're like, you know, I expected people to use that as a breeding stock. I think you said that. And yeah, they have. They have been. Well, that's the thing, dude. I used it along with the two I selected was a plumber kush, and then which I did most everything with. And then I did a few selections with the organ cutthroat. And let me tell you, man, every every cross I did, which was like three or four crosses of that organ cutthroat, then the next generation just came out frost. Frosty and so now it's just like I gotta just pick out the other traits I want, but that OCT really brought the snowman. I want to say, I don't want to say the wrong person, but I won't say who I thought it was. But there was somebody online who found one of those residents males from that stock. It was like the mail, the F 13 mail that I found, but it was an Oregon cutthroat one. I'm thinking was fucking red. This person started a seed company with it. You know, and they're selling seeds and shit. I know that there's absolutely fire in that progeny to be worked with. I put a disclaimer in those packs too for anybody who's interested. The big part of the reason why I charge a little bit more for those I have a disclaimer in those packs that allows people to use it for whatever they want. If you're looking for red weed, covered in resin and grab a pack of pork and cutthroat your three to use them for whatever you want. And see, that's the thing that happened with me with Oregon cutthroat. I have this big problem where I enjoy, I really enjoy the beauty of cannabis. And so when I grew that organ cutthroat, like it was like my prize rose in the garden. You know what I mean? Like it was that one rose that just was just perfect. It was just fucking red and beautiful and different and frosty and just it smelled good and it grew healthy and it was just, it was amazing and it's just like it didn't want to kill it. I didn't want to take it down. It was horrible, you know? But I did. And even then, here's just so just so everybody knows what that organ cutthroat. As is, as it self, the bag appeal, even outdoor, grown, the bag appeal is amazing. Just yeah, that's one thing about that organ cutthroat is you can grow it outdoors. You know, throw it in the 100° sun in southern Oregon and at the end of the year, you're still going to have some amazing bag appeal. I see a lot of those purples out there, but they're just lacking that resin. It is. No, and the Oregon cutthroat looks like those really light green ones sometimes. It just looked like they had been coated in some sugar, some powdered sugar. You're like, how can that not be strong? I don't know. Anyway, and then can you shout out three different nutrient companies that you could support that people could check into? We do have a lot of people like to use nudes, man. What do you prefer? Are you top dressed, organics? Are you liquids or what do you do? Sure. Oh, I too come to mind. I'm Leary on this subject because I know. Endorsements, but so I do use the nectar for the gods and that product for me is super convenient. And I also, I feel like it's a quality that it matches what I'm looking for. I also feel like I don't know if this is true or not, but I feel like the company is semi sustainable in the sense that they're not doing the horrible things to the environment. Another product brand that I really enjoy using is down to earth. I use their co organic mix. And then of course you know, I'm still using SLF. I still use the SLS 100. There's three right there. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, and I'm good with that, man. And he just said, if possible anyway. But yeah, nectar is really good. It's easy. And the SLF is that's a given. You know how many times that thing has saved me? SLF. I have a tendency to get things a little hot. And SLF has saved me a few times, but. And then down to earth, dude, that's a given. That's my amendments. Yeah. Yeah, so I think in most people would probably agree with all that. And then the last one here is, here's a good one. What strain of all the strains you work with, what strain do you consume or would you consume the most? I get asked this question a lot. It's super interesting. I guess it's helping me realize that people, you know, obviously respect my opinion to them. People care, man. I told you this. So I really like the velvet rope and the velvet ropes had the two sibling cross to which were Motown lockdown and strawberry reset. Both of those were similar. The motto on that lockdown was definitely more fuel and gas, the strawberry recess was more berry, but the velvet ropes I really liked. It just had this all around consistently rounded effect. And in terps on it are just second to none. As far as I'm concerned, there's your pre 98 right there. And I'm not familiar with the bubble that some people are, but as far as I don't need to go back any further than the ropes. Let me say it that way. And can you remind us what the cross is of the velvet, you said? It ropes with sacagawea number 6 and the F four blueberry boy. Okay, okay. Look at your weird Julia. I mean, you did a lot with that, didn't you? Yeah, yeah. I used the mail from that in several different females. I really like that line. Again, that came from sunny chiba, and that's the Williams wonder blue magoo. I classify it more as the exodus cheese. I think it's the closest that I've come to the cheese and seed form.

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