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Authorities arrived to find her twelve sibling suffering from severe malnutrition several children were chained to their beds dr sofia grant is a paediatrician specialising in child abuse patients when asked at the press conference what kind of longterm treatment the siblings would need she said it would take years of psychiatric care while you can imagine the post traumatic stress disorder if you've been deprived of a nutrition for a prolonged period of time the siblings are being treated at local hospitals and are cooperating with caregivers for npr news i'm benjamin paper in paris california more than two dozen girls and women have describing sexually molested by former usa gymnastics team dr larry nassar they are among the mon almost one hundred witnesses scheduled to testify during a fourday sentencing hearing in lansing michigan this week nassar is awaiting punishment after pleading guilty to ten counts of criminal sexual misconduct he's already serving a sixty years prison sentence for his confession to child pornography charges this is npr news an investigation shows that public high schools in the nation's capital are graduating students who fail to meet district attendance requirements the finding comes after npr and member station waam hugh examined the same issue at one of washington dc pours high schools more from waam use cape mcgee the report found that if blue high school had followed district grading and attendance policies sixty four percent of graduates wouldn't have received diplomas the report found teachers felt pressure to pass chronically absence students and grading and attendance policies were unclear dc schools chancellor antoine wilson white many of you i am disappointed in these findings but i can assure you that these cbs has the courage to fix the issues and improve dc public schools has permanently removed belu's principle but chronic absenteeism is an issue across the school district for npr news i'm cape mickey in washington.

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