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Of Ottawa goaltender Craig Anderson. Off the face off. It is sent down ice who left circle. Ben Harper on the penalty kill for the sense. Yellowish drops the puck back brought in Johannesson down the right wing one hand on the dick goes behind the net. Feeds to the left point Roman Yossi, bright side, Ellis right half board, Greg Smith back for Ellis Smith in the right circle. Turns at the half wall down toward the corner ships at back, and it comes all the way to Ellis who goes down the wall the Johannesen behind the net. Now to pass comes out to the left point and Yosi bumped back by Smith but intercepted in cleared down ice by Chris Tierney. A good read their by tyranny to pick off that play Smith in that bumper position was thinking of going down to citizens you tried to go back up top to the D. And it wasn't there. Now the puck down the right wing side, Craig Smith, Joe Hanson's, zip to pass over for systems around the wall. It comes to the right wing side Johannesen Greg Smith in the trapezoid left point romanucci shred away, Ellis right half wall Johannesen back to Ellis Ellis for Yosi from the left circle that shot to flex away off the back of the goal thrown down to the ice. There was Colton assistance predators. Not the puck down citizens with a sweeping shot deflected to the corner. Joe Hansen with twenty five seconds left on the power play on the puck knocked down very nicely at the line with head to bring it back in did Yosi. You'll see down the right side throws up some snow in the corner to Joe Hansen. Who was finally able to stop the past? Left wing side under ten seconds to go on the power play Colton systems, five seconds to the blue line and echo. Back for citizens. Our play is up to the blue line is possession continues at shot blocked in front. Rebound. Ended up getting pushed toward the corner Hanson into that corner for Craig Smith now Joe Hansen. A blind goes off the skates of Craig Smith. Nasmyth through Brady ca jock into the boards. Up to center. Ice Tierney lips the puck deep in Nashville zone. 735 gone in this third period. Predators. Three senators one. Kevin Brady the puck out down the left side. Yarn croak urine crook sweeps. It down. Hartman returned it to the left wing side ham us into the trapezoid four Fiala. The olive got picked their from Hartman the aloe right circle game off and that shot by yarn croak deflected to the corner. The ala successful in holding the puck in the zone and a shot stop there eco home. Took it rebound. Yarn crew. Comes down the left board toward the corner hands defeat his passes kept.

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