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I already put in something for their you know, you any if you go by the stall at your the sports Emmys, and you see the EMMY down there by fritzy's feet. Strange things. Yeah. Like you bring in pizza into the whole slice down Down through through the crust crust. at that point. All right. Well, come up with a poll. Do you have a question? Mclovin. I started with Joel Embiid will be a hall of Famer I have some other questions. I want to ask you a question because you're you're the shooter. Okay. Would you rather have an injured finger on your non shooting hand or blurry vision which would affect you Moore's shooter this random question, so whatever Steph curry going into game three or James harden going into game three I rather be Steph curry, I I'd rather have a banged up left hand. Instead of blurry vision. How much has the left hand do on a show? I feel like it's pretty important. Would you always tell us to be careful about our left hand? You don't think about it until you have to think about it? And then that can be then there can be a little bit of getting used to that you gotta get acclimated to just feel. He's gonna have a bandage on. It is going to have a taped up. But I think once you start to get into the flow the game the blurred vision, that's something completely different. Because I don't know of James harden is going to be able to get that. Cleared up. He he's going to be playing in game three. But the hand I think Steph curry once he gets that feel and how it feels on the ball. Then I don't think it's going to be an issue. But I think in the beginning of game three it might. And does Houston target that hand. I mean this physical game. It's a physical Sears. I was wondering this before we get to Seth Davis. Do my clippers win more games against the rock of the warriors in the playoffs. Then the rockets to because the clippers won two games does Houston win two games at least two games against Golden State. And right now, you probably go I take the under but the clippers beat Golden State twice in the playoffs. Yeah. Fritzy? I don't see the rockets winning more than one. I think they could avoid the sweep corner right now ended five you warrior, your fans. Don't worry. Thank you. We'll settle on a poll question. Seth Davis is kind enough to join a CBS sports college basketball analyst, and he got roughed up a little bit for his tweet about the FBI investigation into college basketball, the pay for play scandal, and this has to do with the Kansas is involved in you got other programs. You got Arizona involved in this. Seth Davis tweeted out for two years. The FBI used every investigative technique at its disposal to dig into corruption in college basketball, and the biggest fish they caught. We're Christian doctrines, Jim Gotto and book Richardson, maybe the sport is actually cleaner than we thought. Were you joking about this? More than. Let me tell you something you do do do. You know, how exhausting is being this modest guy on Twitter because it is a it is a fulltime job. That's why I'm not on Twitter's. So you can be the smartest guy on Twitter. Right. I I was not joking for first and foremost. Let me say it's it's running joke between us when I say, you know, in my spot saying, I love you. I do love you. And I thank you for what you said yesterday bringing in your radio family to what you're going through. And I'm praying for you. And I know you're going to be just fine with all of this. Thank you for doing that. Here's here's my point. You know, we talk about I use the words college basketball. Maybe college basketball is cleaned everything. Who are we talking about when we're talking about college basketball, the guys that I need Kristin Dawkins? Jim Gado, these assistant coach or they college basketball. I think the most people think about college basketball, we're talking about players and had coaches, and if you go back to the press conference at the southern..

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