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And I got to give him. I gotTa give Mike Points for for keeping a true wrestling style. That's it that it was That was good. This is a hard hard. I'm glad I'm not voting in this. And who is voting I I would say Lindsay Ribbons and take the ROB would make a group of three. Thank Lindsey who you voting for Alex or Mike. I Guess Mike hike for keeping it wrestling style I will go without. His spunk is passionate. Had it again. Oh Gosh okay it all comes down to the Rob Rob Michael Alex who gets the tickets to see star Wars Day early from shrink tank Dot Com with Mike He. It made it wrestling too so I mean he fully incorporated the wrestling parts. Great job and saved us us from Tech D. Rob Backdrop. He's the both of you. Hang on just a second. Thank you both played golf. Super hold on one second. We'll get the prize or Lindsey is turned on right in this is the ace and Tj. Total recall podcast. You tell us the nicest thing you've ever done this year. Nicest thing you've done this year. naughtiest thing you've done this year and we determined whether or not Santer should be visiting. You want to start naughtiest thing I've done is. Let's go with the nicest thing nicest thing she did took sick dying mother in and taking care of her. Instead of my brother's wishes to put her in a nursing home how nice listening Nadia's thing secretly called my husband's probation officer and turn them in while living in the same house because I was just tired of him. Yeah who was he breaking parole well as she turned him in he had to be doing something wrong to get in trouble. I think that was deserved. Maybe if he's on parole but he's not doing anything against his parole role and she tells him that he is. That's I think that would probably be ill illegal ablaze. Does she live. so He's been sentenced in and he's on parole or his parole awaiting sentence. If he's following the yeah can you call him for officer interest. But he's you like going crazy. You need to come check on him are maybe say he. You know if the guy goes and has a beer so yeah he's drinking. You know that that part of his parole deal is that he's not supposed to have any substances right. Its own game. He he's going to have a good time. You get him. The hell out of here knowing here is anonymous. Lucy welcomed the TJ show. What is the nicest Isis thing you did all year on Santa Court? Hello yeah go ahead. Oh sweet heck yeah Nicer thing I've done this year was was I helped pay For one of my friends to come to California with there was a group of Me and two buddies. We're going to California yeah and It kind of a last minute thing. He really wanted to come and so I was the one who ended up helping him out a lot. 'cause you pay able to join the group what is it what is the. What is the naughtiest thing that you've done all year? The worst thing I've done was I broke something of a friends and then I kinda just cut her off completely like I don't I don't talk to her at all supposed to do. I agree man I mean did you. Did you stop talking to her because you broke this item. Well I mean I justify it by by saying that. She's not the best person. Just kinda cut you now now. Okay I think Santa could still come visit you for that. We not live love this guy if he if she's not a good person anyway That's what he tells them. So I always believe okay so thank you good job so Santa Cord Continues Bradley. Welcome to the ACE and TJ show. What is the nicest thing you've done this year? The thing I've done in my mother-in-law move in. She's in mining. Health says she moved in with us. And what is the Nautilus thing you've done this year. There's the country back right right. I drive on. There's no shoulder and a lot of people like ride their bicycles on it. I think it's Kinda dangerous so I have to slow down to pass them and when I do pass them. I like to stomp on me against my diva car. A big black cloud behind them so you thereby forcing them to have to ride through your sit cloud on their bicycles exactly say no Santa Santa Wooden leg. His mother-in-law move in. Yeah Man. I mean people are hurting to me. That's like purposefully splashing somebody you know. It would would water in the rain understanding on the side of the road. It's even worse though because it's blowing actually that stuff's getting down in their lungs and everything. Yes laughing about it with the the lack of remorse is what keeps saying from coming to his house. Okay okay thank you thanks for playing. It is annoying. Co Courtney. Welcome to the ACE and TJ show. It's Santa Cora. Ah What is the nicest thing you've done this year I bought a car for my sister And put it in my name so she wouldn't lose her job. That's nice. What is the naughtiest thing you've done this year? Me and my little. He's he was three. We were renting being a room from a girl and she purpose. She kicked out because my son Accidents Boca portion bowl. She had gotten from Vietnam so before where we left. I let him pretty much do whatever he wanted and trashed. The room left it that way. Gosh Yuck I'm going to go in Santa Cruz. As far as I'm concerned can come to your son. Benign for you. Yeah that that was even just that you did something bad you let you let him do something bad so I would say why were they kicking you want. She keeps you because my son Boca portion. Both you got it. That's all that the only reason but that doesn't mean you can destroy her stuff lindsay. Okay Sorry Santa the court rules against antics coming but thank you for listening. Thanks for playing so would a regular court total recall podcast. Yes fist fights because of the gift. It doesn't seem right. Well it's not right but it is hilarious. That's coming up next along with what this week sounded like four years ago. It's Regan's and the week in review next Total Rico. TJ's total recall podcast..

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