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Me i know what you mean i don't even care who cares who cares care bobby's monitors don't care who cares thank you this i feel like as a girl watching it like growing up i mean i don't know the women are being healthy and that's their body grape but sometimes it is like you feel pressure like all those i know all right so watch when you're you can't stop your little girls from wanting to watch miss america which is all we wanted to watch him we were little no you're talking about the nineties amy like grandma time we were kids if you're worried about miss america the one to our show the night and definitely not look at a billboard when you drive down anyway who hair who cares do care miss america's happening on timber nights mark account but i don't know what i said cares i guess okay okay so last year walmart tweaked the recipe for their brand of frozen pizza and apparently ready hated it so they're making a switch back to their old recipe and celebrating by giving out free slices of pizza today even go to walmart you know there's tons of walmarts in this country so you may want to look up and make sure the walmart near you has the pizza don't quote me going to demand it show up apparently a lot of them are doing it and you get one free slice per person a different hat and if you're a dad don't worry about eating the pizza because i saw the two thirds of women that's more than half by the way would rather marry a guy with a dad bob than adad bod than a guy with apps that's not true no you're says another man eighty three percent guys with dad bots or more confident than those were just married to gaza dad loans let the women's.

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