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Joining me having never seen nomad land is fielding edlow. And larry clark they are both very wonderfully may know fielding she has voices on jack horsemen umana. Larry hughes on twin peaks contagion tons of stuff and together. They have a series called bitter homes and gardens. You can actually check out the entire first season of it on youtube. And alva linked to that into the description this show or just look bitter homes and gardens but anyways the pot they have never seen nomad land but they rewrote it and we read their script. We see what they think. Nomad land pretty much is and won't you won't be able to tell in the recording. But they just they they wrote it and then they like improvised it while they were doing it like a bunch of details life. It was so funny. I was dying laughing. Turn out like nope. Just smack my mic. Turn out like laugh too hard while they're doing it but it's absolutely wonderful. They're both hilarious. They're both wonderful people. It was great getting to know them a little bit. And like i said they've never seen nomad land and they let us know what it is Then we take just to delve down this Sort of like we get into like the culture of political these aspects of movie like nomad land and and it leads us down this big talk about everything going on now with people treatment and it turns into a kyle venting political social frustration thing and and but we have really really good conversation about it and it sort of as a jumping off point from a film like nomad land which takes a look at these people And my feelings on the movie versus what i wish it had done. But they haven't seen it. I think you're really going to like this episode. They're wonderful is super funny is a great time And they've never seen it nomad land. They rewrote it. Lets you know what they believe. It is thank you for listening. Please check out. Better homes and gardens on youtube you can watch the whole first season up on there and There's more coming out. Bitter homes dot com. Please check it out Like i said. Larry clark and feeling edlow are the guest. They've never seen no medley and they rewrote it. And here's what they think. it is. thank you for. please enjoy the episode if you're still here for the intro. I'm going to be doing some stand up dates Here in kansas city chicago richmond raleigh myrtle beach charleston wilmington asheville atlanta. They're all set. The dates are all set. Kansas city september twenty third chicago. We're doing a live. podcast a live. Recording september thirtieth. And then i'm.

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