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With Kitty O'Neil. President Biden expected to campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom ahead of the state's recall election next week. Meantime, on the other side Talk show host Larry Elder is a leading Republican candidate in the race, California one of 10, U. S. States that now has to pay interest on federal loans being used for unemployment benefits. California owes the most at 19.5 billion. Collectively, the state owes $52 billion, which will be paid back. At a 2.3% interest rate. Meantime, jobless Americans will have fewer financial options a stimulus checks going away. The two critical programs expired yesterday and that includes the Biden administration $300 weekly supplemental unemployment benefit that ran out Monday as well. ABC News correspondent Ike Ajaccio tells us more, That's right. Millions of jobless Americans lost their under point that just yesterday and the programs they were really just putting, please People who are financially hit by the year and a half old coronavirus pandemic. Now you mentioned those two critical programs that ended Monday. Here's what they are. One of them provided jobless 82, the self employed And another provided benefits to those who have been unemployed for more than six months, also divided administration $300 weekly couple of mental unemployment benefit. That also went out now to offset the loss. Support. The White House has encouraged states to keep paying that $300 weekly benefit by using money from the stimulus bill. But here's the thing right now. No states have offered to do that. As a matter of fact, many states opted out of the federal program early after some businesses complain that they couldn't find enough people to hire. But several economists have already speed of that claim, saying those two issues aren't really correlated. I know some who may disagree with that. Well, anyway, give us the numbers Like so here's a stat $650 billion worth of jobless claims have been injected into the economy by the federal. That's, according to the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible federal budget. And that fund. It really kept millions of Americans who lost their jobs through no fault of their own in their apartments, paying for food and gasoline, even keeping up with whatever bill they have. Now this signaling of the end of the pandemic comes in. The Labor Department says there are still 5.7 million fewer jobs than before the pandemic. I found that so interesting because I still see help wanted signs everywhere. People are holding job fairs. Employers say that they Don't have the help they need to operate at full capacity. Yet the stats are saying that there aren't as many jobs again. But those are the numbers, But the things that we're seeing now is that many while the number of jobs have gone down, you're not seeing a lot of competitive jobs. So the reason why is that you're seeing jobs offer below maybe some living wages or just a little bit below that. What? What The economy dictates at the moment. So you're seeing people not really take up jobs that they quite frankly believe are underpaid. Eight. Or maybe they're just overqualified for so people being more selective, I guess. Okay. All right. Well, let's talk about the states. I know that California has been big on continuing the stimulus but no more. That's the thing no more, and they will end But there are things that are going to continue this. We remember that federal conviction moratorium that expired. And that is something on top of the jobless benefits claims. However, there are some states 11 controlled by Democrats, including California that they're going to continue to extend their eviction moratorium until January. 15th Alright, ABC. Zika Chachi there and it is our poll question today. Is it a good thing that the benefits one away or not? And you can weigh in pound 2 50 on your smartphone, keyword open mic. Weigh in on Twitter as well. Right now, Traffic and weather together. We start with Cape gazed in house number right here by the California Department of Social Security. Wait. What am I thinking about California Department of Social Services? How's that? Downtown of the split 13 minutes. Eastbound Camp City in the split on out to Roosevelt is eight minutes on expound 80. Downtown l group South found five a 13 minute arrived there and a little bit longer about 14 minutes on 99. So really not that big a difference downtown to Folsom Eastbound 50. It's gonna be 20 minutes going out to Woodland at 16 minutes. North 25 haven't seen an issue out there except coming the other direction. Downtown to Davis West, about 89 minutes and again eastbound eighties where There's some slowing Fulton Avenue at Marconi Avenue Surface Street Collision two vehicles involved, but they're not giving us a direction on that one. I haven't been able to pick it up on the sensors, either. Ch B is there it's Fulton and Marconi. Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine has now approved by the FDA. For people ages,.

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