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On the 8 hello Dave Hey Hillary in Virginia 66 westbound after one 23 after passing underneath one 23 one stopped disabled in the right lane Southbound on 95 heavier now from lorton to woodbridge and at a respite through Dale City and Quantico if you're going south of Fredericksburg you're in slow traffic on 95 and that's because of the rollover between root three and route one spotsylvania Your mile marker one 27 it's on the median strip And most of the response now is congregated on the strip and also on the left shoulders Think three lines are getting by both north and southbound now on 95 so it comes down to rubbernecking In Maryland on 95 southbound traffic is still slow but steady from beltsville toward the capitol beltway with the crash on the shoulder near where the lanes divide for the inner and outer loops Northbound on 95 and the VW park white normal traffic conditions no incidents on two 70 Rockville to Frederick and back without incident In the district on three 95 freeway traffic having their main avenue in the tunnels also on D.C. and interstate two 95 down below two 95 they should be in the process of reopening the lights on suitland Parkway near fort Sterling avenue as the work zone gets cleared Eligible federal retirees don't miss your chance to enhance your FHB benefits with a compass rose Medicare advantage learn about this new opportunity at compass rose benefits dot com slash retiree Dave Delhi WT traffic Let's get back to storm team four now Lauren ricketts Cloudy is we continue through the remainder of the day Maybe a few peaks of sunshine temperatures 30s and low to mid 40s that is it Now 20 overnight it's going to be cold Tomorrow yesterday temperatures in the low to mid 40s partly sunny Increasing clouds on Friday temperatures in the 50s warm 70s on Saturday with rain and wind I'm storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts Still pretty overcast out there 41° in district heights 41° in Ashburn and 41° in Rockville brought to you by Len the plumber Trusted same day service 7 days a week Three 20.

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