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It doesn't do it for me. You haven't seen this yet, but with being all the buzz about it, Jack Ryan, the so withdrawn Khorasan ski, which is on Amazon prime. It's fantastic. I watch the entire thing and one day the way they humanize portrayal. Terrorists is very unique. I've seen in maybe like heat the way they've done that where they really show the villain side with the hero side. Those actors are phenomenon and they're like fully four, full rounded, four dimensional. Princes, so you understand their motivations, even if you know they're wrong. Yeah, it's funny because my my partners was in the army and he was in Iraq as you guys night for thirteen months. And I remember when I met him, I asked him the question about people that he had hit tattoo kill, and I remember sort of saying to your house or toll bad ass by the way. Thank you. He's awesome. How how you okay with the fact that you killed someone who in another time in another place, she could be having a drink with a ball or playing game of pool with, and he just said, you can't think of it like that you have to. It's you and your brothers do protect. And that's the truth of is, obviously, I mean everybody in the army that that's what they're trained to do that train to kill the enemy. But the enemy is doing the exact same thing to us withering to them. Is right for that country and for their family. And so that I think really is the essence of of good versus evil. No, no person is ever completely evil. So you have to be able to them on the bulletin. Exactly. Even. I agree when you can humanize someone like Hannibal in film, that's what makes it so spectacular. Yeah. And again, I mean Jodi foster a as an actress is so phenomenal. I agree. Clarice or is it Clarice? Cleese incredible. Several others that are spectacular, really does big big roles. She's been around. She accused man, she won an Oscar for that. That's a rough movie, but she's brilliant an all right. We'll move on to do here. And this is super fun. I think you're going to like this pick because this female character in film is so damn underrated Aylwin Miranda Otto from the Lord of the rings. I love that. I absolutely love her character and his one of the reasons why I love her so much. So she's kind of again, you're right about the Serena in the two towers. She's kind of a damsel in distress. She has a huge crush on Aragon. She loves him and so on. In the third film, she's the one who kills the nas- go kings. Remember he says, no man can kill me. She takes a helmet. Often. She goes, I am no man. That gives me goosebumps every time. And then she puts the sort through his head and kills the king of the nas- go AO n. is such a bad ass same with Miranda Otto, the actress. She's I didn't know. She kind of she was in war of the world. And the few films. And I've never seen this since then. She's very underrated. I love the rings. Yeah, the show's favorite films. Always comes up that we just it's top film things the help out. Exactly. I had a whole themed party. I remember my wife..

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