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Are available to those who qualify. It's not rocket science. It's It's my computer career 11 38 on T O P rich owner now on the traffic centre, Alright, traveling 66 westbound still cleaning up the crash west of another street, But before 1 23 just beyond the Blake Lane overpass again, squeeze left to get by the crash. 66 westbound. West of not least treat but before 1 23 once you clear it better for a while, until you hit delays west of Centerville headed into the works on the 2 34 business in Manassas. When you're down to a single left lane getting by and don't forget no access to 2 34 north or south that those ramps are blocked as a result. So you have to continue further west to the principal and parkway and work your way back, eastbound side similar situation You can get past 2 34 again. Single file left past the construction but again no access to through to 34 north or south as result of the closure of that all frappe. So be prepared to be diverted there as well. And finally on north, Um 2 34 suddenly road no access to 66 East or west you're actually diverted to 29. From there you can go 29 south to gain cell or 29 north, the Centerville to get back to 66 Easter West. As you as necessary. Now, 95 southbound as you approach him pass route 66 Thornburg down in Spotsylvania County, squeezing by that paving project, now one single aim to right and there is about a two mile delay getting into and then continuing through that works on. As a result, the theater at MGM National Harbor is bringing back live entertainment in a monumental way. Multi Grammy Award winning superstar Bruno Mars while markets return with performances on August 6th and seventh Hurry. Tickets are on sale now. Rich hunter. W T o p. Traffic. Thank you. Now let's get your storm team for four day forecast. Here's NBC for Samara, Theodore. Good evening. Good evening. Hey friends, So here's the deal. Tomorrow's gonna be a hot one. You should drink. Lots of water Temperatures will be in the low to mid nineties, but it'll feel like near 100 degrees, maybe even 100.

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