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I've done a lot of talk radio last two or three weeks and promotion promotion of killing the SS not social security, but the Nazis, and I'm and I made the point that the three cable networks have now divided into money making machines based solely on Donald Trump to hate him one likes. Okay, but revenue revenue for all three is up because the partisans come in to the network, they want to hear, hey, they go to MSNBC CNN. They wanna hear love they go to FOX. So all three are benefiting from this and all standards have collapsed in pursuit of the dollar. You're absolutely correct. It's it's a business model. It's not a journalist model. It's a business model. Gumma capitalist. I want news organizations to make money. But one the one business that you don't give your own insz. What it wants is journalism. If you make cars, you should do a survey and say, we'll kind of cars do you want? You want SUV's we'll make more SUV's if you're making dresses for women. So we're kind of dresses do you want want short dresses are long dresses or red dresses or green dresses? But in news, you don't go to the audience in effect and give them what they want that. That's not journalism. That's something else. That's business. And that's what's happening and Jim Acosta as an example of this is this. See stood up place alone little on in any legitimate news operation would have shut him down a long long time ago. Now, what do you say what you say about the N and jobs are as much as Japan, I think we've now established at beyond a reasonable doubt. So what are you say about newspapers like the vaunted Washington Post and the New York Times, which have created a culture of liberalism, not only on their editorial pages, which they're entitled to do by the way. All right. So when you're an editorial list or an op Ed columnist says we both have been okay, you, they want your opinion. They're paying you for your opinion. Here's still a journalist O'Reilly Goldberger's still journalists, even though we're giving opinion, but it's clearly labeled opinion. But the culture that's created in the two most powerful newspapers in the country is we have to. Destroy this full Garin Trump to report on them. So our job to constantly and every second hammer him, and if we can't find something will make it up like, it's raining in Paris. He can't get on the chopper because the secret service, and you know, Mr. presents a little turbulent probably recommend you don't. And then we'll say he doesn't care about the military that that's the latest example. So what is it? What is it your opinion about the culture that's been created in the two big newspapers in this country? My complaint, isn't that they get things wrong. Because most of the times they don't might complaint is that they're relentless which is what you were just suggesting it's never ending. It just goes on and on and on with his anti Trump is to make two points about that one in my first book bias ascend. Point of that book. I said, Dan, rather and tenants don't mean in the morning, go into a an office pull the shades turn down the lights give the secret handshake and the secret salute and say, how are we going to get those Republicans and conservatives today there is no conspiracy in that sense the Ritz now they do come in in the morning. They say our we're gonna do right? Tell we're gonna get right. I know I know this is the half of the subject that you like to talk about and on this. I think you're absolutely right. The other half of the subject is that we have a president who who feeds them nonstop ammunition gives them nonstop munition. He he gets things wrong and being kind of not saying he lies which would he does very often. But he gets things wrong. All the time. He exaggerates when he isn't just plan on getting it wrong. He's needlessly nasty. He's a narcissist. And all that. So you have this is dual this this dance to the dead. And I am becuase of you agree with this conclusion of buying..

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