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I'm going to talk with you about one of my favorite subjects gratitude. I even wrote a book about it. Titled A LITTLE. Bit of gratitude goes along way several years ago contrary to popular thought. Gratitude does have a place inside of every workplace for more than a decade researchers have been studying the effects of a positive mindset and its byproducts of increase productivity creativity and engagement gratitude creates an optimistic way of thinking. Are you aware that grateful people can have ten percent? Fewer stress related illnesses. That translates into lower absenteeism at work workers who feel well work harder and smarter to individuals who find more to appreciate in their lives become better problem solvers and produce higher quality work. That's how gratitude shows up in the bottom line of any business. We humans have it backwards. You might think fat success will drive your happiness. But we've discovered that it's just the opposite. Sean Acre did research in this area and found that people who cultivate a positive mindset improve in every business outcome gratitude is just one avenue to build this positive mental attitude known as P. M. A. It was Napoleon Hill who came up with p. m. a. which he called the science of success way back in nineteen thirty seven over eight years later we are starting to recognize. Its importance. All over again. Would you be interested in starting your day before you ever get to the office with a bit more gratitude? Are you interested in finding a way? So that burnt toast and traffic. Don't send you into a tizzy. The antidote is gratitude and I promise it will change every aspect of your life including the way you walk into your job in turn that affects everyone you come in contact with. You might be wondering. When am I gonNA find time to do that? I'm here to tell you it doesn't take much time and had Ceesay. Here's the idea as soon as you come into consciousness in the morning before you even open your eyes or look at your phone. Take a few minutes to be thankful that you have another day very thankful you know. Thousands of people thought they would get another day but they didn't then run down a list in your head like I have a bed and sheets and blankets and pillows. I have a roof over my head. I have clean running water to you. Know millions of people don't have clean water continue with. I have food a car. My kids my puppy. My cat my family. Will you get the picture how long that takes is a question you might be asking if you're still worried about the time commitment? The answer is about thirty seconds. How long does it have an effect of changing your day? I can tell you the more often you do it the longer the residual of realising how fortunate you are we all spend way too much time recognizing what isn't working in our lives and that's actually how your brain works. The time is now to make a change. I'M NOT GONNA lie to make this. Change is going to include some deliberate choices the more often you make them the more natural they become for gratitude to really flourish in needs to be shared. This is where you can utilize gratitude at work. I had a client start again you'd board. They made a space in the office. With plenty of pens and sticky notes people were encouraged to write something. They were grateful for on a note and stick it up on the wall. It started slow many times. People thought it had to be something. Big Ben is more notes. Went up that included. I had pizza today if became contagious. The first week there around ten notes and a grew to hundreds even people who put up. Nothing felt better walking by and reading someone else's notes just like negativity. Good feelings are contagious. If you WANNA start or head contact me and I'll gladly send you on. The results are always surprising. Here are a few more ideas. How `Bout sometime today? You take your phone out. Remind yourself how grateful you are to have a phone and then create a text telling someone you appreciate them. And why the why gives the appreciation clarity develop a gold today to let a colleague no y? You appreciate them. Think of how your workplace would change. If gratefulness of job well done was recognized for people every day. Not at an annual review. What would happen to your mindset if every day use for something new to be grateful for? I have a ton of ideas and how you can accomplish this. Just ask Halmi at seven two four nine four two zero four eight six and let's create a workplace where gratitude and shared appreciation are the way you do business. Thanks for listening to the businesses that CARE. Podcast share it with your friends and colleagues businesses. That cave PODCAST DOT COM to learn more about Julianne Sullivan and Receive Free Valuable Information. Go to juliane SULLIVAN DOT COM join Julianne in changing your workplace one person at a time..

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