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Sports radio Jodi Mack Kimberly are you doing a vacation day I got to the rest of the year wait not Chris Moore there couple nights and I'll be back on Friday going back and forth between Major League Baseball and the National Football League NFL specific for the next couple of minutes here begin joining us on telephone lines is a guy who this year's doing jabs pre season game on I analyze analysts work and also does a football in season for ESPN former NFL standout tight end and any back joins us here on CBS portrayed I even at night I'm doing well how how's your summer treatment well it's cool down so we like a little bit a little the last couple weeks for me but I'm a wimp so let no one should be surprised by that not dead man who the jets last couple weeks of practice they had a couple of days in the early going a yeah D. as it's cooled off the cornerbacks continue to drop like flies any to the rumor that they are asking you to go out and cover somebody during practice read out there yeah I you know you see Jermaine Johnson pulled hamstring and then brown and now you're getting into the you know in experienced players not being able to be out there you know make a move the get their markets Cooper but you know listen it's if there's quality quarterbacks that are available right now they're there and they're not on a team and you know that that bag is a little unsettling so it's clearly a position of of need right now and you know I was listening Greg Williams talk about you know next man up and he's not gonna he's not going to stop and wait so we're gonna find out real quick if if there's any these young guys that can step up and play the position but you know clearly right now if you look at the team as a totality that that that's here at this year if you kill you feel going into the season for Jeff Jamal Adams they're all pro safety he did come out yesterday and said Hey if need be ninety medical play corner corner for a while not a problem did within my skill set it's kind of robbing Peter to pay Paul if you ask me the general are really going to consider that all day well I don't think so I he's just he does too much for the defense you know any time he's in the box in that and then ten yards off the line in the middle in anywhere around that you know he's a factor deepening a mom one side effect that that's an advantage I think for offences so I don't see that happening I think you know athletically he could probably do it but I I can't imagine him going out there with any of that for sure what is the biggest difference you can see Sam Donald year one as compared to Sam Donald here at the start of year two I know which just pre season by have you seen any change in the jets quarterback you know honestly his demeanor has been the same which you know is impressive for you know speaking for him last year you know wasn't big form he embraced a moment and took his lumps and you know for the most part learn from it and I think you know now understanding how to go through training camp to study to work you know through the tutelage of my account last year and how to prepare himself even though he's learning a new system and you know picking that up now just talking Adam gase you know it's been pretty flawless I mean he's very smart he understands he puts the work in the understand the system and what's being asked of him and you know you get the arm strength you've got a live football this training camp which is great so he's clearly getting stronger in a regiment where his body is still developing and those are all positive signs and you know they're able to obviously bring weapons around to help you know in particular levy on bell which is going to be I think in a great move when when it's all said and done and I'm excited to see how he helps a quarterback because you know you're going to have to be in the box did to defend bell if you decide to do that then that makes a lot of easier read for the quarterback positional out a one all once your receivers and and that that challenge should dictate you know the success for him and I think it's going to be a positive year for Sam hang in the year two you mentioned IBM battle you that chance see in practice we didn't see in the first preseason game doubtfully template here in a second are we going to see him at all in the pre season or are they going to keep him in waterfalls in under wraps until the season opener I like to get a few hand offs maybe next week in the third preseason game are you know to be important to get him out there and just do something what I do totally against him not taking a rap appreciate that although you know he he knows his body understands is getting good reps in practice when they had the pads on and you know Adam gase is not gonna do anything silly because he wants to see if we can take a ball I hand off of a quarterback and run between the tackles we know we can do that so but you know it I think as the season goes and it'll it'll knock some of that rust off from not plan any explosive activity to me on a down the down basis is clearly going to be the biggest hurdle for him because he hasn't done you know he's in shape he's in the best shape of his career his body feels great but it is helping out the body is not it's been a year since the bodies taken any of that and that's going to be something he got it got it got to get back to you quickly and and look it's I'm not worried about it but clearly not getting wraps and real live down the distances it's not gonna happen to week one so we'll see that growth for him as well but I expect him to have a huge season with the jets I don't want you in a couple around the National Football League questions as well who's the biggest diva you ever played within your time in the national public well do you need our man I wish I would have got a list of these parts of the show go through all my my jeans here but biggest the the man the jets jets was good I I we really have too many got a lot of older players and the judge now is there a lot of good leaders so would see the jets what the Tampa I would say is Bob Dole and I see a little bit of this with Antonio brown now but Joey younger say Joey Gallo and now he's my counterpart now ESPN he knows this but the guy I honestly he didn't take I don't know if I saw him practice five times in the in the years that I play with him and to have a baby with literally only go in one group wanted to go out other than that he was hanging out right by the center is seven on seven separate also water on the sidelines not doing anything and then one group wanted him to come out right a deep route go we come and check them and so he probably got about ten snaps today in practice in the year and a half that I was with him in Denver based on that I'm gonna say Joey Joey Galloway no shocked that it's a wide receiver because that position seems to garner more red divas than any other position yeah on the football field why do you think that is yeah I think you know at the end of the day they all want to football I mean it's a passing league and they they they just they they are the game changers right now you're running back to me is is very valuable still people it went through its little phase where folks really guys over value to snap but truly the teams that can run the football and be effective they clearly have a better opportunity to give themselves in a position to make a playoff run but he'll wide receivers you know that they're they're the stars of the team and the other ones that you know everybody who's the hollers and the fans love it and and may and may embrace that and they want that feeling of the euphoria of making those plays and that's part of their will who they are and when they don't get that even a little bit of it you know it hurts the feelings on from porcelain but that's kind of words that so I mean that every receiver has it they may not show in certain ways but behind closed doors you know Marvin hire Marvin Harrison another guy for India everybody's like all quiet calm trust me behind closed doors I heard the stories this guy wanted to football every single place so that they all got a little bit of them in regardless former ten year NFL tight end into the back to our guests here on C. B. C. B. S. sports radio my one more and if a question I want you to come to college wants to right now with the Dallas Cowboys without their star running back Ezekiel Elliott he is sitting out a pre season want to contract extension they're working on it but apparently not close at hand getting pulled ball players have to understand to business because they're in the business at some point they may need to do something to get a salary the dating guy is their row you end or weren't and might have to act on it blights in the moment you're in camp your working hard you won't have a big season and you know if you don't get your star running back in a compromise your chances how do NFL players deal with that dichotomy dead it is a business day no one's business but it's not their business right now so why the hell don't you getting candy right yeah well you know listen that Victor obviously deserves every dollar he's wanting but it does have two years left on his contract is is last year and you know he just continue to do the same things that we've been doing this for a couple years and you know he he's got a means for for for standing out because he is really everything feeds off for him but two years left on your contract I mean you got to go out there and you got to keep doing it I get it you to work towards the use of a thon and he knows the importance that he is for that change you know Jerry Jones downplays them and says they can plug and play and all that jazz he's going to get paid is going to get his money I just wish you know you look at that scene down you think about when teams are growing and are trying to build something we need you young quarterback that that showing great signs of improvement and leadership in winning games they have that a receiver that can break off break it off and do his thing they have that and then of course the abba are back like none other that can change the game and dynamic of of the out of that office and they have that so you know look there during a interesting dilemma where you know they basically had all these alignment and they pay them all big money and now they've got the skill players that have reaped the benefits of those good my men and put up those big numbers and they got a lot of money to spend now let's not let's not be that's not shortchange up but to me it's a and there is an advantage for Dallas to get this contract on now to lock them up because if they wait another year and somebody else signs big money now they only go up so the pharmacy I'm clearly don't want to be sitting down and tires season like bell there because it's just a way different scenario but being that he has two years on his deal I believe he needs to be it can't be needs to be there they need to keep grinding and doing the things are going they're all going to get rewarded but you know listen this this is the time that we're in right now and things are drastically different than when I played not too long ago been assigned any of your game here for your upcoming schedule on ESPN two in college football analyst work.

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