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Four. One five three nine one KCBS on new number. Four one five three nine one KCBS update your phone four one. Five three nine one JCS traffic. Leader six nine AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news time eight fifty one. The father of Molly Tibbets the, university of Iowa student, found dead. Last month says attempts to use her killing to promote an anti immigration agenda are heartless despicable and shameful. In an opinion piece for the Moines Register rob. Tibbets rights please leave us out of, your. Debate allow us to grieve in privacy and with dignity CBS news correspondent Adriana Diaz reports Molly Tibbets. Father tilt CBS news she, would want, people to, turn away from, venal and petty impulses and work toward, harmony to knowingly format discord among races is a disgrace to our flag he wrote. In the Des, Moines Register Saturday it incites fear. Innocent communities and, lends, legitimacy to the darkest most. Hate-filled corners of the American soul An undocumented Mexican immigrant has been charged with Molly Tibbets. Murder before her body was found. August twenty first rob Tibbets told us he and his daughter shared and. Unbreakable bond she was, the best man at, my wedding she. Gave an unbelievable toast told. Me I was her best friend how. Did that feel, pretty nice guy feel that way too in the register rod Tibbets said he has a. Step daughter and grandchildren who are Latino who, Molly loved dearly, that means I'm Hispanic I am African. I am Asian I am European Tibbets wrote my. Blood runs from every corner of, the earth, because, I, am American. His bed was published the day after the same newspaper printed an opinion piece by Donald Trump junior the. President's son blamed Democrats and lax border policies for. Tibbets death a position echoed by the, president, they charged in a legal Elian in the murder of a college student Molly Tibbets last week Iowa Residents. Including Mr. Tibbets received a call purporting to be from a white nationalist group about tits murder calling. For, all Mexicans to be deported but in his op Ed Robert Tibbets. Urged Americans to turn against racism in all. Its ugly manifestations both Seidel and overt let's listen not shout let's. Build bridges not walls? And that was CBS news correspondent Adriana. Diaz reporting the, movie crazy rich Asians isn't slowing down at the box office even in, its third weekend in. Theaters the romantic comedy. Has topped the, domestic charts once. Again Warner Brothers estimates the film added an additional twenty two million dollars through Sunday down only ten. Percent from last weekend that could carry the film into, one of the biggest Labor Day weekends, ever, the Nazi war crime film operation finale debuted with six million dollars. And the computer screen mystery searching. Performed better than expected bringing in an estimated five point seven million through. Sunday KCBS news time, eight Eight fifty five, at the office my day isn't over I don't have time for unexpected traffic I rely on KCBS traffic every ten minutes and not just in the car when I'm at home I say Alexa play KCBS radio. Traffic when I needed on the traffic leader one six nine AM seven forty KCBS news. Time eight fifty five it's time, for the KCBS super micro Intel money, desk Japan, is planning. For a Jetsons future it hasn't listed companies such as Uber and Boeing, to help make flying cars happen Uber plans to. Invest about twenty three million dollars over. The next five years to develop flying car services Paris. Facility like Uber, second a lot about autonomous driving technology and that's something that will be very important I think in managing the flying cars, city Bloomberg intelligence senior aerospace defense analyst George Ferguson Japan's economy minister said flying cars. Could ease, urban traffic congestion help transportation in remote islands at times of disaster and. We used in the. Tourism industry it wants to see airborne. Vehicles in the next decade but Ferguson says the group may face obstacles like navigation because patterns become. A lot more complex when they go from surface into the air the technology would need, to win approval from several regulators which could take many. Years Jessica summers Bloomberg business for KCBS now from the.

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