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I used to give them a really hard time about office when we first had the switch over to the Intel chips if it like for a couple years it was like they were asleep at the switch over there. But I remember the old days of MacWorld, how many Microsoft MAC, developers which over MacWorld, and those people they were, you know, Ravid MAC users. Yeah. And that's still the way at the company. So we obviously have you know, we make max off wear office team being being the most significant part, but even the visual studio code team and people who are working on other parts of the company are are working know, we have a very very big Iowa team, you know, for all the different products and services, and so, but I think even before that happened. Yeah. You've had like that contention of the people who worked on those things where like hardcore MAC, developers just happened to work at Microsoft. And in the company is change. A lot since Tina delta over. And and in Apple's changed a lot in in the you know, the world has changed a lot. But I think many people still still see things in like nineteen Ninety-seven terms. And even though it's twenty two years later. It's it's still for better or worse. A lot of companies still kind of fight like their historical images. And so if the one those frequent questions that I have, you know, when I started working at Microsoft, and I started working there in two thousand seventeen the one the the I joke that people would make and everybody thought they were so original they were like are they going to be used a windows phone, and like at that point the it wasn't even actively developed. I don't think it had been officially the war was over. Beneficially announced that it wasn't going forward. But it was it was like not the mission. And and I was like, no, you know. I mean, like, I I wouldn't it's my interview wearing an apple watch and using an iphone, and you know, had my other stuff, and they obviously knew who I was when they interviewed me. And there was no question about that. And even for me when I had my choice of laptop for the first team that I was on. 'cause I I was on a different team, very briefly. And then I moved into the team that I'm in now in cloud advocacy, working on on Azure. They asked me what laptop I wanted. And I was told I could choose a MAC, but I was also given a choice of a surface book, and I felt not like I was forced to take surface book. But I felt like that's the right move. Right. Like that. That's what everybody else will be doing. So just go ahead and take a service book. And then I got there. And I realized that my colleague who. It was kind of my counterpart doing the same job at with a different focus area was using a MAC, and I saw more and more people with max..

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