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Hey, sing out! I hate it so much sooner. Everybody knows it says Merry, Christmas sharks, parenthetical, little drummer boy to John jump-jet Yum yum. Tom Casually picks up and puts on a jet pack. After clicking the final buckle into place he steps into the helicopter doorway turns to the side and breaks the fourth wall. I'm Tom Cruise welcome to mission impossible. The intro music from Jackass. Blair's as Tom Leaps out of the helicopter flips a switch on the jet pack, and rockets toward the city of Los Angeles like a missile where their missiles in top gun. If so more specifically, crews flies toward La like a missile from top PGA. If not I don't know, let's say he glides through the Vanilla. Sky Like to saw. Interior Church of Scientology Celebrity senator. Tom Cruise enters a lavish office and takes a seat across from scientology pope ageless selling hat John Travolta. Talk Me. How'd it go with the suppressive documentarian? Tom Lower SES shades once again. Let's just say I called cut. Boy they do a special scientologist. High Five I would give more details, but those cost one hundred thousand dollars to learn. So. What do you have for me next scientology pope, who ironically could never be nicknamed S. P. Slides a sealed Manila envelope across the desk. Tom Opens it up reads the paper contained within and smirks. They say can't be done then I say. Bring it on cut to one hour later Tom Finishes. Drinking a gallon of milk and triumphantly slams the carton down on the desk. Scientology pope cheers enhanced. Tom Another envelope cut to moments later, crews loads each of the six saltine crackers before him with a spoonful of sentiment. He Wolf small down and reaches out for the next envelope. Cut to Tom. Cruise sucks his own Dick. It's shot very tastefully. Every possible pun intended. Ninety uninterrupted minutes later, scientology pope slow collapse enhance Tom another envelope, the contents of which make him gasp. Scientology pope nods with medicine smile, exterior, train a little later talk. Tom Cruise. Hugs the top of the speeding train. Loudly singing the tune of the mission, impossible theme in Gibberish, sorry Marina. Do..

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