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Cbs news i'm jim taylor president trump in hawaii cbs's jamie ukusa traveling with the president president trump laid a wreath at the uss arizona memorial at pearl harbor his visit to the shrine of america's lost service members coming after a meeting with the leaders of the us pacific command were they discussed the ongoing threat of north korea's nuclear program a topic on the president's mind as he left on his first official tour of asia forget about obviously north korea to help them a lot of air force one scheduled to be wheels up and heading for japan in a matter of hours harvey weinstein as another accuser and the nypd is investigate police say because it this seven year old case than weinstein is reportedly in arizona the nypd need the district attorney to issue a court order to arrest him today more than sixty women allege weinstein's either sexually harassed or assaulted then he's previously denied having nonconsensual sex with anyone as cbs's jill rica dunkin' this is kevin spacey's character on house of cards of all the things i hold in high regard rules are not one of them no fewer than eight people on that crew alleging spacey created a set finally hostile atmosphere on the set netflixing cutting all ties with that after a revelation by the once interim head of the democratic national committee donna brazile revealing an agreement between the dnc and the clinton campaign during the election cbs news correspondent errol burnett the document was signed by the dnc and the clinton campaign oldest of 2015 early in the election cycle went potential candidates like vice president joe biden was still deciding whether to get in form of then he signed his campaign manager jeff weaver and what these types of activities a julius destroy the faith of people that we have a fair and democratic electoral process now the clinton camp instead the dnc was in debt and form a check of an alaeddine described the agreement as standard operating procedure rosa marie hernandez.

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