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Call Wesley Financial Group now 806 05 57 57 806 05 57 57 806 05 57 57 Spring Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is out of the hospital and home. The 87 year old is reportedly doing well three days after undergoing a minimally invasive procedure Wednesday to revise a wild ducks tent at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. A stent had originally been placed last August, when Ginsburg was treated for a cancerous tumor on your pancreas. Ginsberg announced earlier this month. She's receiving chemo third before a recurrence of cancer. Rhonda rushed her reporting. Thousands of demonstrators rallied Saturday in the Russian Far East City of Khabarovsk to protest the rest of their governor, keeping up a three week wave of opposition that has challenged the Kremlin. Smaller demonstrations took place. At least 10 other cities and 55 people were saying to those protests. According to the obedient foe in organization that monitors political arrest. No detentions reported that the Khabarovsk rally this is townhall dot com I wrote a virus has been hard on those caring for animals around the country. Zoos and aquariums from Florida to Alaska are struggling financially because of the closers brought on by the Corona virus pandemic. Yet animals still need expensive care and food. That means the closures that began back in March have left many of the facilities in dire financial straits even after many parks reopened. Attendance has remained low is people choose to stay home and avoid crowds buying new reporting the first astronauts launched by Elon Musk Space six company to part of the international Space station Saturday night. The final and most important part of their test flight, returning to earth with a rare splashdown. NASA's Doug Hurley and Bob Banchan bid farewell to the three men left behind as their space Six Dragon capsule and docked and headed toward a Sunday afternoon dissent by parachute into the Gulf of Mexico. As you said the waiter look favorable off the coast of Pensacola..

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