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We do preview shows. And i would always say. Hey i think lucia house party. Think they're gonna they're gonna make it. It's time to put the belts on in these guys all. Tell me how. I am while they tell you. I'm a huge lose. Mooch house party was. I liked them now than i did before. But you know wednesdays a great guy. I love lindsay and and you know. He's he's in the cat and that's my links You know anything he gets to do on. I'm totally onboard. For i mean he's he's one of the nicest people i in the sport i am him jonkers. That's how i met john crews cer- panico I actually When i brought linsay n lindsay said well we've got the whole world order so that gave me mcilroy wolf. Wouldn't who used to be mr floor. Fifty j rios. who was iraq yellow and john cruz. who became suprinato. So i started my company with the four of those and for the first six shows. So i mean we had a heck of a legia influence going on down there in the in the in the beginning but they've all moved up moved on and you know as of last year the last baby the lesson birdie left the nass windsor. Panico went awol. I mean they've all gone on to fantastic things in in mexico and all over the world. A lot of those names you're naming and i know just recently In in the uk were we're load. Wow i'm not located there now but what wrestling travel you've joined forces with powered for tv. Your episodes are on their. How has the when you're on our for. Do you get a chance to kind of gauge the response of the uk fans a little bit more than you would during youtube or. How does that work. I i'll tell you that the advantage depowered for a. I'll say just looking at our social because we can see where our social media's coming from our twitter has blown up with uk followers. Our facebook has blown up. We definitely can tell we're in the uk. Now i mean we were always there before because they were the uk was actually are number. Three number four on you to in the world behind saudi arabian india and then. Us uk So i mean we're definitely seeing a bob Our merchandise store that we have on amazon We have a uk store selling at christmas time..

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