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It belongs to Houston, who stays on an eight to run. Whether was this scrum under there again on the offensive glass pops talking to Evan Scott, the official Kelvin Johnson, as usual in the middle of it. He's unbelievable. He gets his hands on a lot of loose balls, and he is really active on the glass. Replace showed he had a foot on the baseline when trying to pry it loose. Rockets shooting of the Nur right sucker comes out to catch scoops it right back to Brown. Brown works downhill into the paint lost the handle strip in in transition of foul. Michael Moore gets killed in Johnson from behind the Spurs had numbers off the Rockets turnover and that should take us to a time out will hold here for a moment. No, no Pause. Yes, Subs coming in on both sides, though it's 6 11 to go in the first half Houston leading 42 to 33. Shadow. That's turnover Number seven for the Rockets. So far, they've been able to weather the storm. But I'll tell you what they're a little more careless or a lot more careless and Stephen Silence has like so far. Aldridge catches left side. The lane works is back for the gold turns into would have a 3 60 lobs it out, throws it away, and that's seven straight possessions with no scoring for the San Antonio Spurs. 16 years or turn over on San Antonio trails by nine at the moment. We were in our normal position in San Antonio. We could have caught that pass from LaMarcus Aldridge shot but nobody on the floor could have caught it. Certainly not Whistler's would tries to throw an entry pass into Tucker foul called here on the cell, the rookie from Florida State. Stops playing 5 50 to go in the half would catches the inbound off the left sideline, pivoting with the left foot will see inside off the slip catching a score for Sterling Brown..

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