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It was the greatest thing that could have happened for all three of us. Yeah just to prepare us for this entertainment journey totally and that's like looking back now. Thirty seven took a long time to get here felt like every single moment every single failure every single thing you did leads leads up to where you are now like. You wouldn't have the tools to be where you are now. If you hadn't done that you know and you really believe that one hundred percent with stealing angels I mean I learned so much rush from you. Girls being on stage and then radio like met so many radio people which got you and I are next job being on the other side of the music business. Tell us about that well so Carolina and I we just don't we just don't give up but we there is a label label and they hired us to be promotion. A promotion team together a duo which they promotion is the one that goes around promoting artists to to you people across the country and he hired us which yes which size we got on the other side which is so important to learn the other side of the news that wasn't a restless yeah a- and they hired us because Carolina and I knew radio from being in a band. They were like this is interesting. We've never no one's ever really done this before. They've never heard hired an artists to be on the side and we did really well famer forever enlisting. There's only one regional her region but Jin generally. We're not doing it if you don't hire us together like we're not going to go on the road and talked to all these radio. PD's who we love but like we've been used to being together in trio or s working together like we're not doing the Solo Yahtzee lowly out there on the roads too hard. It's too hard and also we knew we were good so we're like we knew we wanted to hire us and we're like this is the deal your company. Card Company card and I was it was the real deal never had a company carbon for us like ooh. Oh my gosh that's so funny. I know responsible when there was always one like super organized plan everything out and I felt like I was little sister but we had such a good dynamic dammit. I know we did because you brought me like you made me kind of more exciting where I'd be the boring one but we've totally passed a whole nother world that you and I did big world which was amazing race. That was a defining moment yeah all this is a finding moment but that was like that was crazy because it took us to a whole another stratosphere and also when our band broke up stealing angels broke up because Taylor got knocked up and she wanted to be a mommy and yeah ah was kind of like came to a screeching halt in Carolina narrowly whether we can do with our lives like Taylor got pregnant moved to Seattle. She's still married to her. Husband enjoyed and has the cutest boy now. She's like doing tribute. Band Loretta and she and Conway twitty's grandsons doing with her and she's like on cloud nine loves her life found her. It's like it's awesome. She found her spot yeah but yeah it came to a screeching halt and you and I are like what are we going to do with our lives yeah. We like the same way I think my showcase felt like it. All just came crashing down like we failed like one day to the next deal. I lost my publishing down. I don't know if you lost your. He's still had your but lost everything yeah. It was crazy and amazing. Race just happened like out of the blue. I think like a month later or some crazy. I don't us just so weird but they were looking for to country singers. God Carolina and I didn't know what we were going to do. In that came to us just fell into our laps the blue yes. Oh my gosh like yes little. Did we know what we were getting into. They were like Oh. It's a traveling show because I'd never seen it. You travel around the world world and do fun things and like Yeah Great. We had no idea how difficult your take on amazing race. What was your experience like. And what did you think about that. I mean it. It was unbelievable. It was amazing for lack of a better word but just being able to travel the world and see the way we did like. There's so many things that we would have never ever done on our own like I would never go to three Lanka or you know Malaysia wherever so it just felt like we got an experience that we would have never gotten without that show Berlanga where you made it outfit in sweatshop that was Malaysia Malaysia or China. Oh yeah maybe is that like we went to a sweatshop. I know you made Clo- An outfit yeah and you've got to see like what that really looks like like what a sweatshop in Asia and then third third world country looks like and it's crazy. That was what was so cool about amazing race. Is it puts you in the environment. You're not dislike a Taurus. You are like in real life environments that are happening in that culture yeah and you know also for you guys listening. You don't have any money like you just have the money that they give you per leg leg and so to like be at an airport and not be able to just buy a bottle of water just simple things that you would normally not even think about. It's not even about being rich. It's just being able able to buy a bottle of water to not be able to do that. It's like it just really kind of. Put things in perspective of how how lucky we are. That's that's my take on it. What are some of your favorite places we went to some of your favorite experiences and favorite teams a walk favorite teams. We love the cowboys. Boy loved the globetrotters. Dave and connor were the best and they were the father son duo who beat us at the end. I only got four seconds second place. We should've beat them fine. If we'RE GONNA lose anyone yeah they're both cancer survivors which was awesome awesome. They're amazing. I think those are my favorite teams. my favorite experiences will. Switzerland and I think it was just so beautiful like that cheese. The thing was not my favorite experience so what that that one was was lower is called myself. The man of our relationship with the Brion Gyn was my damsel and we had these forty fifty pounds pound jails of cheese that we had to haul up a mountain of snow. It's here at Jenin. I two girls not huge girls at all. No and there's big guys that were there doing exact same challenges us same way of cheese. I mean it's like thank you get no advantages. No it's all the same for everybody the physical part we get. It's tougher for women I feel like so we had all these bales of cheese up to this no filled mom long load them up on a sled and get them to down mountain and they're like falling the bailed falling. When the cheese balls off it sinks into the snow like it's not like it just falls falls often grass like you have to dig down in the snow to get out and it's like you can do. I WANNA eat the cheese hung in there. I thought we were going to hang in there and I know that was a great advantage. Yeah do you think so. Oh one hundred percent and no one thought we could do it. Everyone was like Oh. Let's keep gin and caroline around because we we can beat them at the end so let's keep them in the dirt man totally we worked it and then. I don't know which because we did two seasons season twenty four all stars this season twenty two and then all sorts of four so I might be mixing up the seasons but one time the cowboys had an express pass and how did you sweet talk me into. That was my theory. I'm like listen so an express pass telling the challenge because I was losing my mind my gosh curling with how we put together a car a big big lake toy a car and it was the directions in Chinese and she doesn't like putting stuff together to begin with. I know you love this. I thought you didn't realize that was my mom. It's unbelievable. Oh my God and I'm terrible too so Oh my poor Carolina it was that was that challenge was a nightmare nightmare so Carolina's just breaking down. She's like crying and I'm just watching her and everyone's breezing through. It and I'm like we're going to lose like we're GONNA get eliminated. She's having a breakdown and I'm like I have to express express pass or we lose and they express as you get to bypass that challenge cowboys had one for themselves and then they had to give one to another team yeah and they could give it to whoever they want at any time and so. I just went there and I just started working but my my reasoning was unlike listen. We are not a threat. You know we're GONNA use it right here so it will never be a threat to you in the future future they already done they already done already going to win the leg and unlike we're going to waste it right now and we're the worst team so if we're not a competition for anybody so you might it is we'll give it to US rather than the one of the good teams that could meet you yeah actually no. I know that's very honest. I worked got it. Never Forget your gave it to you just so thankful enough to put that thing together. I was like we're this is where it's over. Yes where we died. I know I knew it to our stop o but Jan.. That's one thing when you get in the zone. You can get in zone like when you know you gotta get something done and drop the hammer. I'll drop it. You'll drop it yeah. It's a good team. I don't I'm not really as good at dropping the hammer like I'm kind of a start a little more. It feels like in life sometimes on a regular basis yeah but are sort of in the beginning yes I'm like the slow snail but like I just won't stop and then when you really GonNa lay down you get a look in your eyes get focused it. It is happening. Oh my gosh. That's so funny and we got it we going. What were your one of your favorite. You know I'd love Web getting see the different cultures like you're saying it was so cool to go to Sri Lanka and like reading the text which are like little. He's the crazy cars that are going everywhere and I don't know how people don't get their no. Lehnhoff in high sticking their heads out cars running next to and there's no like no lanes or no pattern like this all all wild why don't wreck every day. I know I know we see that. Culture was amazing. I loved going to Africa. I love going to Africa and we got to stay in a cool place and that night when when we got to the bushmen asked us to do their little ritual Mike did the damage by the fire their babies and stuff it was unbelievable so so I remember thinking to myself after amazing race like it changed me in the way that to seeing so much of the world and getting to have so much intimate so many intimate experiences with with cultures and the apple in sculptors it over my eyes so much to realizing that there are so many ways to live life and seven ways to be happy and you can ours isn't the only way or the right way. You know stuck in your.

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