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With. Don. Around. Town, hey town. He's going another episode of dumb people. Yeah. Relation relation Glazer. It is. Glazer, it is their view people on this earth who when I just see them, I feel warm and happy. John Glaser's I start to laugh. I start to see you. Someone said, say, we were in Denver this past weekend, and someone said, say, hey, to be me. And I was like, we're going to see him on. Just leaving the club walk the stairs kind of over shows, like say. Out the door. Say, hey, to be. Played the load bearing beam on the right. That's right. Sleep protective of us. Anybody started give us shit, hey, man, beaming, be mom. Hey, gone out. Come on. Well, we're lucky because we have you here in LA out here to do the adult swim comedy. You are lucky talking for a week. A lot of thing. Look where you are. John. I don't know if you've experienced this in New York, but I do believe that the world is getting dumber and when we travel around and see it, it's just it's just getting dumber faster like dumbs like out of the shadows now, like we can be out like we're good now. Yeah, I can be loud and say my dumb thing and there's zero repercussions then empowered. Right. So we would like to dome has been impelled been given true? Yeah, this is our way to fight back is through comedy. We get these great stories from our dumb years on the ground there, actually very smart people, but are there they have. They have like an ear to the dumb ground and they just hear the dog whistle. Then they send it to us and then Daniel. Hi, Daniel. How about we get to go through those stories here? And I haven't seen him John. You have not seen the? Is this correct? John? You've read the stories, correct. Okay. Ready. Shelvin wanted right away. This is do it John, and I read these stories together before we started to hang on a second. Hold on. These are good ones. This is sending by Wade. Zola's ni via l. as e. n. y. z. man the Lazio he went with at t-bird underscore five. Why wouldn't go that? Abra. Not. Seabird like. I'm gonna throw curveball. Zeber does just call it t you don't dig in. Don't dig in tighten the bags box. He's gonna brush back Wade's delays. Good to meet you call me t obviously. And now he's like Wade's lady. Nice to meet you and you're like, yeah. Tibo. You must be. All right. They vary. There's some creative writing in this to start. Oh, that's always the other component is like how the journalists is also fucking idiot. Yeah, there's that in every single sure always starts sure Christi. Lynn woods may have boosted an ambulance while paramedics perform CPR an unconscious woman in southern Oregon Houston, meaning stole sure. She then led police officers and sheriff's deputies state troopers on a high speed chase up interstate five ambulance flashing the hallway while they're doing CPR gone out. They were out any and she just took the and yes, she's accused of ramming a cop car off the freeway as her speedometer eighty five miles an hour, but she is a great girl. Mom cutters, but seated and handcuffed in the back of a patrol car Sunday, Kristi Lynn woods apparently wanted to know what the fuss was about. Quote, I was a good fucking driver. She reportedly told officer, Chris bone break that is the cops. Nate. Legally changed forever. Eagerly changing my last name to bone. That is true. It's really my writers. Raise. Chris bone break, nickname, CB, see officer, creepy. Dave. Officer, Chris Bom break. It's report. She told that to call Chris Brown bake after your your little heart on my wrist officer. That's. Living up to my neck. Yes, I am take a look at the name tag. As the as they're approaching the cuffs, you see the name tag? No. Shit is gonna hurt. I thought it was going to go easy because she says, this was Kristi Lynn woods. Quote. I was a good fucking driver. I didn't try to hurt anyone in the newspaper, bro. Excellent. Maybe I love the. They've been trying to hurt anyone, but she ran a cop off the road of eighty five miles an hour. Okay. Just understand that. Like this woman sawn ambulance set crystalline sawn Evanson said that's for me to play with it..

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