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The shattered edge of the remaining building. President Biden will be in Surfside on Thursday. Also a town hall dot com President Biden in Wisconsin today to make a pitch for a bipartisan infrastructure agreement, Greg Clugston reports. It's a deal the president signed off on the last week with a group of Republicans and Democrats. Greg Clarkston, the White House National Weather Service meteorologist. Samantha board says Seattle broke another record yesterday following Sunday's all time high of 104 degrees. We broke our all time record yesterday for much of the area of including See Tak Airport, which ended up reaching 180 degrees less than half of Seattle's residents have air conditioning, according to US Census data. It's like cool down in the region should start today. US consumer confidence rose for the fifth month in June to the highest level since the pandemic began. The conference board reporting its consumer confidence index increased to 127.3 in June. That's up from, um, a reading of 120. And stocks are higher. The Dow up 51 points, the NASDAQ 28 points higher more at town hall dot com. You're attacked by a bear or dog will throw himself into the mouth and bear to save you dogs or dogs. They pour out their love Andrea before long. He can't live without them. I have a chocolate cocker spaniel named Lady and black mouth cur. He's been £120 and his name is Arlo. My little cocker coats as soft as a stuffed animal.

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