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No mistake we're talking about trading here but one of things that would that would that we're really talking about is whether or not owning your own business is four year nine should you be on your own business and and in all reality what is it like is it simple is it what about owning your own business I was gonna ask you the same thing okay you've been around the block of time to what's going to be think owning a business and the bet that business being training that you need an education a four year degree do you need to do need to be smart need to be a genius a computer hack that we need to be absolutely not I don't know as I said this before but there's sixteen million five hundred thousand millionaires United States most of them do not have a college of medical how many county was sixteen million five hundred thousand millionaires United States sixteen most here's the interesting thing that most of them do not have a college degree how do they do that without because you can you be successful absolutely and the thing about trading is trading is simple trick training doesn't have to be over complicated can you make it complicated absolutely right we can make it we can I've got a couple relationships like this call may add another show shares are this can get back on track here Sir I like to think about this like off most people know about off a lot of people like golf we just you know would have had to masters if if it weren't for what's been going on lately but you know I tell you what when you think about golf golf can be simple you hit the ball from one spot and into a hole somewhere else and when you do that that's very simple but when you get act actually on course and you start playing with it what what happens if you rent all these contingencies and all these decisions and most of them involved like redevelopment well they also involve having the skills that they will have in schools and you absolutely so so what I'm saying is is to be successful you have to practice practice and and gossip really a simple game and trait trading trading can be the same thing you can make it simple but the fact of the matter is is if you play a pebble beach and then you go to I don't know sawgrass is that course can play the same way the plate only no no so the market's gonna change every day and and and the point being is golfers have to practice to be good at it people can be good to go off with a little bit of practice to be graded off it takes a lot of practice would you agree that trade is probably the same way I definitely the same way the same way and you have to have a good safe place to practice and you have to know how to practice knowing how to practice is a big part of learning how to trade that's great and and when we're talking about practice you said a safe place safe place what do you mean by that you never want to do anything with live money if you haven't practiced with me you want to get on your simulators you want to practice over and over and over again the different scenarios and apply that one magical formula that you have over and over again under different market situations different volatilities different volumes but you basically practice the same thing it is kind of like off of you think about it in practice the same stroke if you wanna learn how to get out of a sand pit you get a sand pit you practice practice practice then you hit the golf course absolutely yeah yeah it's a great analogy I like that analogy life you know as you know I've been teaching people about the markets for years and years and and the thing I love about it is I've seen people who who have known nothing about the market's really come in and learn how to trade and some of the best traders ever seen were people who were educated war or that didn't know anything about the markets a nurse for set as we're talking earlier I've seen nurses become excellent traders because guess what you don't want to biggest motivators to change our lives is seeing what happens in a hospital yeah it's a big motivator extremely big motivator I have experienced that by so SO anyway just just let everybody know we do offer two to four four people come to our ours our show art sorry our show our live training sessions as a guest and and sitting behind the curtains and and really see what it's like to be in in in the world of our ever probably group now I understand and and vassal you'll agree with me on this is that we we do think that everybody can trading maybe have a should be trading so one of the things that we have to understand is is we we have to have a quality of a group that that is a greisen tide lifts all ships kind of scenario and so we qualify for a group and what we like to give people the option to do is is see that in action and sit with a group members and actually ask those questions that they have I don't know how much more value you can get in and understanding whether or not this could be a business opportunity for you I'm not even so sure it's about the value per se I think any intelligent decision a person makes they can't make that intelligent decision without seeing the data without meeting the people without experiencing it how can you make a decision about something if you don't go see it if you want to visit us and watch us make money alive call eight eight eight six four six eight seven eight seven so again take this number down eight eight eight six four six eight seven eight seven and you can have two free days to visit us to see for yourself exactly what we do and buy this on Amazon you can buy this Amazon okay it we've had a lot of people that have called us and said Hey you know my brother in law trade with you I know this guy Joe or my broker referred me to you you know I'm ready to sign up and join you know what I need to do and we tell the same thing you can't just sign up and join you have to come see what we do experience set and make an intelligent decision we just want people making dumb decisions and we don't change our process for anyone right now and and and and that's an extremely important point both of those are extremely important points because when you have a process is repeatable and consistent and and.

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