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Murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. Now the lawyer representing the former Minneapolis police officer is requesting a new trial, arguing his client's right to a fair trial was violated in the motion. Erik Nelson lists pretrial publicity and jury misconduct. Among the reasons. Defense attorney Jack Rice, who is not affiliated with the case, said retrying it would be a massive undertaking and jury decisions tend to carry weight and appeals courts think a lot of things you're stacked against Children right now. One of the jurors who deliberated Brandon Mitchell came under scrutiny for social media posts that showed him at the march. On Washington in August that was not disclosed on the jury questionnaire. Nelson also wrote the jury felt quote, race based pressure during the proceedings. Sloan Martin for CBS News, Minneapolis, 9 42. Here in Randall County Police officers will all be equipped with body worn cameras later this year is trust. Our accountability are transparency. That's the goal of the body worn camera program, as explained by Anna Ronald County police chief Amal Awad. Tax on body. Three cameras, which capture video and audio will be issued. All officers, including the chief, the Police Department says training to use the devices will finish by October. County Executive Stuart Pittman introduced $1.8 million in funding for the program last year in response to calls from community leaders and advocates. Following the murder of George Floyd, Matt Small w T. O P News, Fairfax County's new police chief has the full support of the Board of Supervisors. The board issued a statement yesterday backing Kevin Davis. Board also says is expects Davis will make reforms meant to protect address communities from police misconduct. That statement comes after revelations that more than 20 years ago when Davis was a Prince George's county police officer. He was accused by two people, including a black man of using excessive force in separate incidents, both one civil lawsuits. Board will hold a public input session tomorrow night. It's encouraging members of the public to sign up in advance. Well coming up here and w t o p. Many who have been away from the office are being urged to return this week. Also, Donald Trump's banned from Facebook and Instagram will stand at least for now. It's 9 43 Neil, saying the acting executive director for Human Capital Business Solutions at the Department of Homeland Security on HR modernization Strategies in government sponsored by work Day. The next few years, and what we're focused on right now is business automation as well as creating an employee portal that will allow self service, which which is something that Really everyone needs. I think the government is probably a little further behind private industry. I do everything right now directly on my phone, Get access to whatever I need. Systems are very intuitive, and I think the government needs to catch up to private industry. So that's that's what we're trying to do. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network Search work day. The world.

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