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Traffic can run over linebackers. He's a very very good tidy and checks system hunter. Henry is a downfield receiver. He'll run the skinny post better than any tie in the nfl. This was something. I was doing as soon as these players. Were signed free agency and this is a genius. Lou could've used one more time in here. This is genius moves. It's an excellent play new england's desire to have to tidying on the field all the time coach. Bela check predates even the hernandez gronkowski years. And it is It's the past. Be prologue to the twenty twenty. One season love this strategy. I love those players Where what position did he drafted out of john. Kerry wasn't a seven spot tonight. I i it even makes it more difficult to accomplish this. When you're towards the middle. I think the only time i've been really able to do it was when i was on the end because the players are so closely packed to each other a good job john carey. I like what you did here We like as far. And when i say we i mean all my dynasty teams that own nico collins Athletics aaron. reese is reporting about him saying that he's seen quote plenty of first team reps in training camp this year now nico collins refresher for those who may not play dynasty. He was a third round. Pick in the nfl draft this year and Has the opportunity to start opposite. Brandin cooks in this. Houston texans offense. He's six four so obviously is much more of a red zone threat in Than than brandon cook says he had an eighty nine th percentile speed score. Seventy seven th percentile bursts score in ninety four percents. I'll catch radius. Now he is not going to be a guy that the texans scheme into games he is not going to be the type of guy where he is to threaten double digit targets every single game however feral he is going to be a threat if a worthwhile fantasy investment if he is indeed the starting or one of the starting wide receivers for the texas. This year tonight's jared hines drass nico collins tonight. Happy sixteen o eight as his number eight. I believe receiver. Yeah number eight receiver. What are your thoughts on nico college this year. As not a dynasty play but as a potential lottery ticket redraft play. It's an absolutely brilliant play and it also allows me with about six minutes left in the show to point out dog who listeners chase. Klay pool was a round pick last year. I was worried. I would go but i did get it and you know. Maybe this guy is this year's klay pool. He goes to situation where there's not a lot of receiver help much. Unlike pittsburgh his role will be widened. So he's in a situation. Where last year. Klay bullheaded defined role Any rookie receiver any receiver on this team as a A big big question market quarterback new situation for a team. That's not very good. And sometimes you know Teams that are not very good one and fifteen and fourteen We'll get an extra game this year so whatever it comes out to be but those teams can produce all sensitive standouts in fantasy football and collins lines up to sort of be that kinda guy. was big target and the catch radius is very important..

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