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But I mean, heck I'm really happy for him because that's a die hard fan base up there. We know the sports history of that franchise. But hey, things are great in buffalo right now. The bills have won a couple on a row or say here we're role in. I mean. Hey, everybody's out on Chippewa while having a good time right now, you know, when you talk about what a sport needs and very seldom does a sports say we need the buffalo market. But the NHL does. I mean, if you take a look at the Stanley Cup final ratings. It's always a last year. You know, it's it's Vegas going up against Washington. So we are Washington. Be number one Vegas will be number two buffalo be three of Buffalo's always heard sometimes second depending on what the Stanley Cup. Final matchup is they love hockey, they hunger for it to the longtime since they've had a run that two thousand and six six cups should have been. There is no offense to Peter lobby letting the hurricanes, but the the sabers were so the net conference final I think they would be ten in the Stanley Cup. So that was that should have been there championship. They still think about the whole goal against Dallas ninety nine. Now. I'm not talking about Cup for this team. But if they can start moving in that direction, they'll be excited you mentioned Winnipeg is one of the teams that buffalo beat during this. Streak. I mean Patrick line. Aiming this is this is sick. Now what he's been able to accomplish Ellison. It's kind of a wacky stat. But still I player in NHL history to record a hat trick in three different countries in the same season. That's pretty good. I like that. It's three three hat tricks before the twenty third game. Which is something you alluded to on Twitter bossy did four times, but still different era of hockey. But. Listen, we had a conversation back when they when him and Matthews were rookies of and who should be the call to trophy winner. And you said you always leaned towards the center as opposed to a winger. But I say for a winger, I mean, this kids just a flat out star. And as just been a joy to watch while listen he could score. I mean, there's no question. He's Alex Ovechkin two point. Oh, I guess right. If there is such a thing, he's very similar that he's a big physical guy. Got a great relief. He scores with similar areas Lovie, and you know, the funny thing is this guy started off season. And he was a little bit in the slalom people are wondering what's up usually under the goals score?.

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