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Technology decisions aren't black and white Think red Now to Steve dresner What a weekend it's been in the National Football League We're gonna start with the AFC championship game where the Bengals were at one point down 21 to three They tied the game late in the fourth quarter a 24 the game went into overtime That's where rookie kicker Evan McPherson kicked a game winning 31 yard field goal lifting the Bengals passed the chiefs 27 to 21 after the game Cincinnati head code sacked Taylor on getting his team ready for overtime We just needed one more possession of those guys We knew they were going to be aggressive like they were the week before they were trying to throw that ball in the end zone and go in the game So we're just part of the guys For bone up finding everything that was left in their tank and leave it all on the field and then probably the offense and the special things for me and I'll go finish it off And now over to the NFC championship game where ram's quarterback Matthew Stafford silenced all of his critics because he's going to the Super Bowl he land Los Angeles over San Francisco 20 to 17 Matthew Stafford 31 for 45 337 yards two touchdowns and one interception So for Super Bowl 56 coming up on Sunday February 13th it's going to be held at SoFi Stadium home of the Los Angeles Rams will be the Bengals taking on the rams Over to college basketball acts in George Mason and George Washington came up winners over on the women's side 17 Maryland rolled past Penn State and did tennis at the men's final of the Australian open Rafael Nadal recorded his record 21st Grand Slam title with a 5 cent win over daniil Medvedev the match taking 5 hours in 24 minutes World Cup soccer qualifier Canada shuts out Team USA two nil Steve dresner WTO P sport It's three 17 Are you excited about being a new grandmother Of course I am A little intimidated too Why Taking care of a baby today is so different than when I had you But mom you did great with me Thanks son But I put you on your stomach to sleep Right But now we know that baby should always be placed on their backs to sleep for naps and at night to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or sids You also slept with blankets and toys in your crib True But now we know to keep everything out of the crib except for my sweet baby girl No blankets pillows or other softer loose items Daddy's going to teach nana all the ways to keep you safe while.

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