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That goes against what you said that some eggs are going to be broken is here jared leto later in twenty four nine building a slave army oh i can only i'm never been around so many people so mad at hollywood for the portrayal of ai really over the years yeah just because they're like this is so it's been such a disservice for where the field actually is because creates his image of how smart ai actually is when it's really really dumb so what's the good example of where a isn't it from hollywood it can kind of sometimes right recommend you a product that you might be interested sometimes one other demo i want to mention there's a group called control apps it's based out of new york and we shot a video with them they had a gesture controlled series of robots like they used a kuka arm a different robotic arm and it was controlled by gesture of your hands but instead of using optical or infrared tracking the had a a wristband around like basically your forearm and they would just move their their fingers and hand gestures and it would track and control the robot in that way now what was amazing this is so this using some electoral conducted from from the motor neurons that are in this area crazy the hand tracking was incredible so there's a visualization of the handwriting is beyond is like two or three levels beyond the handwriting we've ever seen from optical and i are it is so good that it's actually going faster than your hand it like he talked.

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