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Everyone John Wartime here this week's you're the FM of Alana on wheels that will talk about a road show that he's been doing for for a number of years and overall just one of the the great overarching presence in sports. This is a fun conversation I think you'll see why Matzos so so popular why he's such an important member of the tennis community always good conversationalist and this time was no exception. He's not in his home of Idaho but he's on the other side of the ocean but we'll talk to him now here's Madison blonder always pleasure was a pleasure speaking Likewise thank you where where are you where we you I am in Paloma the Orca really vein yes it's It Ain Idaho what what brings you there now it's it was an ATP champions tournament last weekend where I played a couple of doubles did not play singles but played a few doubles with monsoon Barahmi and Michael Byrne forces Tim Henman jumped in and so was very nice and I'm here for another three days doing the tennis Kinnock's tennis camps with Michael fourth and and Twelve Scandinavians twelve scandinavians in my orcas sounds like the setup to a joke Yeah Swedish Actually Palma Majorca is quite Swedish a lot of Swedes here and they sweetie show Towel and Swedish owned tennis club where they play Lamentin so yeah it really really good spot did you have anything to do with the Nidal Academy is a totally separate no totally separate yeah he's in over in Monaco which is about forty five minute drive from Panama but it's totally separate yeah we're just here for Moyer Tommy Haas Ferrero Henman me and career played the singles and then they but if you dabbled in between so let's talk tennis what it's me Doc Tober when you look out at the sport right now at this period of time what what are you seeing sort of big big picture where is professional tennis right now wide open think that both men's and women's side there is a little bit of a range going on top obviously obviously Novak Djokovic she's stopped that debate I suppose winning the last three but I still feel like this I mean it's obvious that the rough is getting older for obvious reasons but you could just tell that he's not necessarily slowing down but we might not see Liam Addy's best all the time for physical reasons and I think that opens up a little bit of void and the chance for the younger guys come in obviously right we the US Open I will discount that but the last three or four months he's lost close matches so yeah he's not they're not on their way out but I think that there's as a professional teams right now there's a good chance for young guys to come through unfortunately we haven't seen in the last ten fifteen years but I think it's inevitable that I mean and I think that the younger generation is coming obviously on the women's side it's already happened and on the women's side I'm not sure which of the older there's they're going to stop the young invasion Serena is maybe able to but so I think that's what I see and obviously when that happens you start thinking about what's going to happen the day that said KC and philosophy joke of the game anymore or Serena or Maria Sharapova I think that it's you know it's a good thing it's going to happen and we have I guess you could say survived changes like that before with jumbled quitting and mackinaw not winning much after that so I'm not worried sided and looking for new rivalries really if you're if you're gonNA back one or two horses on the men's side we I mean you said it and it's we say it you don't even think about it when it's been ten or fifteen years since we've had a breakthrough which is just remarkable but if you were going to pick one or two horses to be the next player to win a major not named fettered Adrovic Murray of Rinca who who do you like you know it's so hard to know what's going to happen to the likes of Canaan she corey and meals round H. and I mean I have to throw Griego Dimitrov in there when these guys you know the great for big four done are they going to be able to step up and and suddenly gain that confidence to win majors the young guys GonNa push him out of the way there's a lot of young guys so for me I think the maybe at the moment I think I'm looking at Stefanos Deposits if he's GonNa win a major in the next three or four years but I think he's a pretty safe bet on on heading to the top of the game I think he's got pretty big game the head on his shoulder as he he moves well for big guy great attitude seems to enjoy the fight than Joyce a bit of variation in this game obviously Benesch up of olive but I think is is a safer bet than than most others apart from maybe Karen hats I think he's a full on work source Pew Game Great Attitude Moves unbelievably well and and he's got good technique and most shots and I think he's learned to learn to managed beforehand side so I think that's where I'm looking I think what we found out that and again we find out all the time but it's you have couple of great players winning a lot of majors in one generation generation that comes behind usually suffers when Sampras Agassi wins most of it board mcenery wins Mo and then and now so I mean it's good to have stars in the game but they do sort of delete a lot of potential grand slam winners by being just a little bit better and breaking their confidence down basically nothing against them when you when you say I mean people have always said the same thing boy tennis is really going to be in trouble when when Hurndall Djokovic three Narcan but why wouldn't you take that bet I mean isn't that preferable to have these four reliable unbelievable old generational champions is isn't that preferable to the alternative of of every tournament for grabs and we don't have these di solid stars I mean I guess it is in a way Yes because it brings tennis to the masses and I think people tune in to Roger Federer and obviously by now everyone knows Spanish but I think people tune in that are not necessarily tennis fans 'cause he's obviously transcended the sport but I I don't know I I look at this next the next generation as I I do the generation came after Sampras and then of course Agassi hung in there longer than we thought but you know that was late new Andy Roddick Corn Carlos Ferrero caffine and I mean they all one one slams before budget cetera one slams and and it seemed to me that maybe Sampras and Agassi kind of had to be out of there four federal gain the confidence to to believe he can win slams I know he beat Pete Sampras and Wimbledon early on his career but he really didn't win the earliest a lot of great championship but so I think that's what we're going to see and I think a great style will will come through and the guy is refuses to lose those younger guys I think and like on the women's side I think they will come through so yeah there might be a year or two or three when we're sort of who's GonNa be the rivalry who's GonNa be the next guy and we don't know and then suddenly somebody comes through and do you have to win safety majors in our sport these days to be called the great champion I don't think so I think fifty plus comes through and win four or five or shop on of I think that you know the era we've had now is so so it's shorting Oh it's unbelievable but I mean you have to also look at what's happened I believe with which slower courts slower balls the guy completed thing game and all the different surfaces and nobody because that's basically what he does and he's unbelievable added I think we're seeing tournaments change a little bit of staying open as much faster we have more one handed backhand coming up we thought that was over that's not over they're not they don't have to come from the bigger countries I mean suddenly we have a Greek player we have somebody from Canada I mean it's so I don't think so I think that tennis as in in a very healthy place because of what's veteran Jovovich far doing and have done and I think they've just raised the bar I look at it as tiger woods in golf where hey we need that star but the game is so good engulf right now and I think that tennis will be I mean when you when you're crawling around the slow at home both against the wall and you're looking at Roger Federer's ended back and you're going to go world on a second I'm going to do that but senator rand they're going to get better and stronger mentally at the same level as those three I'm not one hundred percent sure but certainly physically they're going to exceed those guys somehow nations of beautiful thing I e one of the I was just telling just telling a friend this is one of the great treatise covering the sport is when we travel we how you guys have covered Jovovich which I think is sort of one of the great secrets in in plain sight it's sort of this great story that's hidden in front of us what happened to the guy and then this remarkable comeback and I think sometimes conflicts of interest get in the way sometimes relationships get in the way I feel like this is is a story that hasn't been properly told I'm curious given the freedom you guys have on your broadcast how you're handling the return of Novak Djokovic in the mystique serious Sabbatical he went on I think it's more mysterious that we're not talking about what you said or having a dry spell not waiting for five years what had a mysterious time in his career for a couple of years where he where he he got injured or did he or did he not or was it you just not playing well it wasn't able to practice so I think Novak's road is more normal and natural than than we have allowed ourselves graceful roughing it covers it up by by not showing any negative emotion but just going full on and it doesn't matter how good is playing he's just it's just me and him were you and you him and he doesn't WanNa lose to you would Novak he's a little more I think more human in the way that he shows disappointment and satisfaction on a tennis court and that's way more if you look back at what's great champions have been like in the past with maybe the exception of economists but there have been ups and downs and I think federal dollars is just the way they have handled themselves through tough times we don't really talk about them having a being in the slum so Djokovic yourself.

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