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Go forever as a gym okay. One final question Morgan. Eighties Colt film featured a group of Teens who get sent to detention. Oh Birth Club. Breakfast Club is correct But I think Eddie wins two to one want Eddie. Wow sure I mean nine to nine going into next week guys cannot wait hang in. How can I study for these questions? I'm going to find a girlfriend. That is in her late. Twenties probably won't do that now. You don't WanNa do that. Over to amy and get the morning corny here. We go through the morning corny. What did the frog order at McDonald's with the frog order at McDonald's French fries and a Diet Coke Dog Morning Gordon? Clapp herself on that which I thought was good. Yeah it was good. It was just want French fries and then hit us again tomorrow. With what else did he order a diet coke but you went all at once. I appreciate that. Thank you lunchbox was telling me that amy. Schumer wanted to change your baby's name. She changed it after being. It's a year old and she decided that she didn't like the way it sounded. When you say it out loud because the names was gene. Attell wait a minute. You would name your kid. Gina Tell as in genital. And that would never pop in your that would never cra who in the world especially on the uses words for a living like. That's what she does. She crafts words to make people feel a certain way and yeah she said that I realize it sounds like genital and I had to change it for a year. She will with that. What's the bigger story here? That she named her kid. Gina Towel or this. She changed it after a year. That's crazy stories. You changed it. I don't know how you change the baby's name after a year. That's a little weird to me. Wow what does she say what they change it to Jean David Fisher? Oh okay well saying if you say it's slower than her other kid hole was gonna there. You go know but I'm just saying how do you name your kid? Gina Tell my mind is blown right now that someone who is supposedly smart could do something that dumb you would think saying it all together someone. Go ahead amy. That sounds like a H- you know a ninety part. Okay all right. Thank you all right back to get on with Brian. I know he's at his home getting ready for tonight. He's got a big thing. He's doing with verizon tonight so I believe we're calling right now on the bobby bones show now. They May. What's happening man? I'm turning my songwriter. Room FLASH MAKESHIFT STUDIO INTO A world of horizon. Right now so I'm I'm not up the technical. I'm I'm I'm giving it my best body. Lucas Verizon's pay it forward artist this week. So that's tonight on verizon twitter so what exactly is the pay it forward artists will? The Razan has started this campaign to really promote small businesses really locally and across the country and They teamed up with artist I know at least you keys. Done it Ryan header and I think Dave Mackie's kicked it off and they've asked me to They've asked me to be a part of it too and It's just bringing awareness to small businesses. Small Business Owners Certainly what we're dealing with now. I mean nobody really gets affected more than your then your mom and POPs in your small business owners and win verizon approached me about this. It was just a no brainer for me. I find right on so that'd be tonight. Watch Luke at seven. Pm Central American idol back in the news because we are going to be doing it also from our houses. I was thinking about you where I was wondering. If anyone comes up to you the just knows you from American idol but doesn't know you from listening to your music all the beauty and I'm sure you're learning that to bobby I mean the beauty of When you're in country music you know you're really you're obviously trying to hit the masses and and and But like I said I'm from I'm primarily you know targeting country music audiences so when you go into TV and you're in a whole different household a man. It's really amazing and shocking. Who comes up to me and says I love you on American idol. I don't really know your music ended up but we I mean you know and people you know. They're they're cool about and I totally get it. Certainly take offense. I can't expect everybody know what I do musically but it's really what's really flattering is when when people are very Are Very complimentary of how we're handling. Yeah well we'll be doing that from our houses starting not this week but the next week when they started to perform so everybody watched because Luke will be doing it from his place. Katie and Lionel. Are we doing it for Mine and Ryan will will be in California so I'm excited to see what's going to happen? Would I mean I'm interested to see it's going to be an it's going to be a whole nother look. I think he's GonNa be something fun. That American really get behind and I can't wait to see how it comes off. I mean I have tons of. I'm sure have they shipped? Have they shipped you all your gear? And I don't even know what it is. I have boxes of tripods microphones and I don't know how to put together. I mean literally. It's like Bobby I you know. I don't know what your children's what your plans for. Children are one of these days. But when you're when you're when you're playing Santa Claus and putting all of the this is what we're dealing with now. It's like we're trying to put together. The swing sets its We're we're trying to Put put together an American idol shows so may God see us through Getting this technology working around ask you one more question Have used zoomed with any other celebrity friends during quarantine. Do you ever just click on and see like. Who's my famous buddy? I'd like to see in person. It.

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