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Health care bioethicist Dr Ezekiel Emanuel profiles and compares eleven countries health care systems to figure out which one works best there's no clear winner but he does highlight Germany the Netherlands Norway in Taiwan as strong contenders and when it comes to considering healthcare reforms in the U. S. the manual believes they should emphasize primary care and he's in favor of calls for universal coverage this hour we'll talk to a manual about the book will also get his take on the latest corona virus news that's all next on form join live from NPR news I'm Laxmi saying a day before his bombshell memoir hits the bookshelves former national security adviser John Bolton's giving some detailed scathing assessments about the White House before he and president trump parted ways on less than cordial terms one involves Chinese leader xi jin ping and peers Frank or Donia says that according to Bolton trump and she spoke often about the president's reelection prospects in that both lamented the Donald Trump could not serve more than two terms according to Bolton trump would tell Chinese president xi Ching paying that his supporters thought the term limits were unfortunate I just thought this was it was the kind of back and forth with authoritarian leaders that did not reflect well on Donald Trump himself for the presidency or the United States in an interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep palm said his seventeen months in the administration created a difficult dilemma form he said he would not be able to vote again for the Republican president he also said he wouldn't vote for Joe buying but instead plan to write in the name of a conservative Republican who he would identify later Franco or doing as NPR news the U. S. Supreme Court says the securities and exchange commission can strip fraudsters of their ill gotten gains but isn't here Scott Horsley explains a High Court set some limits on how the SEC can use that power the case involves a California couple who raised twenty seven million dollars from foreign investors ostensibly for a cancer research center that was never built the SEC went to court to get that money back but the couple argued they shouldn't have to repair all the money because some was used for legitimate expenses the Supreme Court says the government has the power to seize ill gotten gains but adds that seizure should be limited to net profits it's up to a lower court to work out the details the H. one decision was authored by justice Sonia sort of my door with justice Clarence Thomas casting the lone dissenting conversely NPR news Washington it's now going on three weeks since activists are camping out near police station Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood to protest for racial justice and there's been another shooting near what's come to be known as the Capitol Hill occupy protests Casey Martin a member station KUOW has details this was the second shooting in the area in less than two days early Saturday morning two men were shot a nineteen year old died the other man is still in critical condition last night a seventeen year old was treated for gunshot wounds and was released early this morning all the victims were taken to the hospital by private cars not the police who said they couldn't reach people inside the protest area because of the crowds for NPR news I'm Casey Martin in Seattle the Dow is up forty five points since the open to twenty five thousand nine hundred sixteen the SNP's up seven points to the nasdaq has risen sixty one points you're listening to NPR news live from KQED news I'm Ted Goldberg some of the poorest seniors in the bay area are being left out of a state wide program intended to help elderly people access food during the corona virus pandemic KQED Serra hook sini explains great plates was supposed to be a win win for struggling California restaurants and vulnerable seniors three high quality hot meals from bay area restaurants delivered free to your doorstep but the hitch those who make under twenty five thousand dollars a year aren't eligible because they might already get some assistance Berkeley city councilmember Rashi Cathar Oney says that's unfair CalFresh provides a maximum monthly benefit for an individual just about six dollars per day which is a fraction of the sixty six dollars per day allowed by the great place delivered program for Klay city council is asking FEMA the program's chief funder to reconsider its rules I'm Sarah Hosseini KQED news a federal bankruptcy judge has signed off on P. Ginny's plan to get out of chapter eleven the order from judge Dennis my tali caps utilities eighteen month run through bankruptcy protection the company filed for chapter eleven as liabilities amounted from a series of wildfires caused by its equipment P. genie says it plans to emerge from bankruptcy in.

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