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Foot lane and then put a sign and say buses trucks right lane on lease saw they on the wider lane and then you can had a 10foot lay next to it for light duty vehicles uh there are things like this but you also because there is barriers the left and the right you'll you'll need to have at least in one foot clearance cited minimum where talk about thirteen plus ten twenty three feet if you are if you have even half foot lest decal happened insisted yawn the dress prohibitive at you cannot go off that meets its own the books really the the the numbers a day just showed you but beyond that point the liabilities this too much sewer to begin to have narrowing that there you can do a lot of things crazy things even unknown city streets you can how the left lane at eight feet which means he than you know why the car with a mirrors will barely feed in eight feed much you can do that in a city street at twenty five miles an hour when you start talking free wage there is really a point that is really a hard tub you have stop you can you can really go at nine and ten footer lanes rampantly on the freeway and offramp specifically with a wider late next lead it's possible to be ten feet of the tough part would be and i would imagine it it's volume issue clearly and the fact that you do have an intersection at the end of the enemies only termination of it's going to be a problem as the problem may be the termination needs to be a little bit wider to have more lanes for stars this remembered let's say dear we got and we work with a with a dot for a long time in the two thousands because california denver other places have this ramp signals that green minnesota the green red to let people in the rams onto the freeway so you have what's called ramp metering as you tried to enter the freeway you actually hit a traffic light it doesn't have the yellow has only the green and red and we couldn't apply right anywhere at in hawaii except for a couple of ramps because you have zero storage ira to requirements actually it's not only you have to have sat adequate.

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