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You're so pumped. You've been doing a great job. Hey, thanks guys off anyone ever like checks in with you. But I just want to know you're both doing great. Thank you. Guess. Don't usually tell us. We're doing guy. Yeah. Thank you. She's not technically guest. She's the new co host. I'm sorry. Oh, yeah. That's true. She's she's she's making sure I leave on a high note Jordan been fund. But honestly, I think the show will be better. I'm gonna listen I'm gonna scribe right now. So I didn't listen when I was on it. But when we came when we decided to split the show fifty fifty we probably should've come up with an exit strategy from when you like get fired because you still have fifty percent equity. Yeah. So I don't know how your equity effects Allison Allison is going to be working on salary. I haven't finished a session on HBO. Can you guys give me like four days to finish it? Yeah. Four days. Sorry. I got a lot to to what you're not doing this anymore me, and Mattie you have to place mad. Okay. But I do three I probably do it in see I can finish the session cave. Jesse? Really sure you can have four days. I was like, no. We don't talk for this. This is why it's session baby. Allison is here. She's the one who's read art of the deal. To make this thing work. Yeah. Get yeah. Fact check I have not read the. Be very bad. Thanks, political facts. Yeah. Allison Becker, read art of the deal that gets three Pinocchio pants on fire is the Washington Post. Allison, we'll see you at SF sketch fest. Yeah, I'm excited. It's to be great. John Colton is gonna perform a couple songs. You know, you just announced a new album. Yeah. Sure. All seventy Safra covers. And not only are they seventy software covers their seventy sock. Safra covers where he has endeavored to as exactly recreate the original arrangement as possible, which he is so passionate about I have no idea why he's doing it. But it is definitely art because I have talked to him about it. And I've seen like his eyes light up. And he says like I make every sound on the album, that's amazing for this. Normally covers are a different thing where you try and make it your own, but he Jonathan act. This is about exactly recreating the original recordings with him. Singing and. He's passionate about it is like palpable. How do you think is acting is going to be fair? Yeah. I mean, at least one gift. Yeah. That's true. At least as good as mine. But the thing is is he doesn't have to carry. Cherry the burden of being the star of the show. Like, I drew do. You know, what the word starving? Sure. I also it's also called top lining. Okay. So you just have a false view of reality. Well, I've read art of the deal. That's what you mean. Here we go. L? You know, what give for some reason people? Haven't bought these ticket you couple couple more guest stars dimension Blanca patch. Yep. Jean grey. It's going to be are filling narrator. Caitlyn Gill or stand up comic eight when Gil Sarah classical, the everything is rent guest. And Nick wider. Oy himself and Nick Wacker's great the burger boy him act. No. He'll try what are you guys excited about an SF just as a city? Oh, you know. Something that I think we're doing. Yes, we're going to go with Mike Mitchell to the Tonga rooms favorite Tiki bar in ton of fine that I've ever been to. Yeah. Noted Tiki enthusing enthusiasts. Mike Mitchell's going to be seeing it for the first time. Oh, he's gonna lose going to flip a little boat that drives around rains. Yeah. It's going to rule. That's what I'm excited by asked. So if you've never been to the time room it used to be the it's the room that used to be the indoor pool of the Fairmont hotel. They left the pool. And now it's Tiki bar. And when I was there, I asked the manager. I was like how often does somebody jump in the pool because it's no longer like for swimming. And he was like, oh like once a night. I was like are they banned for life. He goes and come back the next day. Pool which of the three of us. Do you think will be most likely to? Yeah. Probably jump in. I'm a party animal. I don't give a. Our producers Brian sunny D for nand as.

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