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Liberal. But i have to ask. I think it's a great idea. It was out the question. And the answer is no no random of that has been maybe i should ship versus a little bit different different verticals here and the guy potential but but i think there is a lot to save for that because there are certain things. That are absolutely predictable. Like i can listen to someone. Talk and i can tell you exactly how far they're gonna go mobile because of the language that they use the inflections. What history as. I mean it's a. It's a predictor of future. Like for sure. And i get the talent side of it but as my coach said willing to tell me something but it's not everything weren't skill and if i don't hear people talking In a way that confirms that they understand the process in where they are then. If it's wrong you can't get too right if it's wrong. It's not possible. That's why i kind of feel like every professional team should have me talking with everyone of their potential players just to have a simple conversation the kind of test the waters against their problem solving in how they really think mind over matter is not a criteria that. That's not a great predictor of success. That's usually a sign of impulsiveness that tries to get the advantage to quickly. That often fumbled the ball on the one yard. Line quite honestly My elven matter is not recipe for success. Say more about that. Because you my my were you says the opposite so say that again. If you don't want yeah yeah so mind over matter that doesn't guarantee success that's mentality is just like i'm gonna mowed down anything in my way. Leave a trail of destruction two miles long behind me in all eventually. Get to the finish line. And i'm saying well that's not really true. Because you're you're bringing hyper focus to what you're doing. Hyper focus is really not a state of being any peak. Performer brings any achievement of notoriety. There's a special type of.

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