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They were routine and manafort's repeated misrepresentations to financial institutions were brazen at least some of which were made at a time when he was the subject of significant national attention. Neither the probation department nor the government is aware of any mitigating factors. Manafort, did not commit these crimes out of necessity or hardship. He was well educated professionally successful and financially well off he nonetheless, cheated, the US treasury and the public out of more than six million dollars in taxes at a time when he had substantial resources Manafort committed Bank fraud to supplement his liquidity because his lavish spending exhausted his substantial cash resources when his overseas income dwindled finally Manafort pled guilty in September twenty eighteen in the US District court for the district of Columbia to other crimes committed over an even longer period, the government references those crimes below in particular because they demonstrate the. Pendants, concerted criminality, including the conduct to which he pled guilty from his earliest two thousand five and continuing up until the defendants involvement in an obstruction of Justice conspiracy between February and April of twenty eighteen a crime Manafort committed while under indictment into jurisdictions and subject to court ordered Bill conviction convictions conditions, excuse me, quote in the end Manafort acted for more than a decade as if he were above the law and deprived, the federal government and various financial institutions of millions of dollars. The sentence. Here should reflect the seriousness of these crimes and serve to both deter Manafort and others from engaging in such conduct hoof, no mitigating factors. In addition to there being no mitigating factors. Prosecutors also tell the judge that Manafort deserves an enhancement of his sentence because he was effectively the leader of other people committing this criminal scheme, quote, Manafort controlled the money at this. Issue. He recruited others to facilitate these crimes, and he claimed a larger share of the proceeds further Manafort was plainly, the leader involves numerous individuals who are both knowing and unknowing participants in the criminal scheme. This included. Rick gates and Constantine Kalinic manafort's tax preparers, his bookkeepers and others in Cyprus who were involved in originating and maintaining the defendants overseas accounts under the factors set forth in the guidelines the leadership enhancement is warranted..

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